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Saying goodbye to a friendship

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I have been struggling with depression since January and my best friend left me. She doesn’t even try anymore to keep this friendship going because she has replaced me. I am tired of trying to save something that she left a long time ago. It’s been really hard. She left when I needed her the most and so now I am tired of trying. She broke me and left me feeling so alone that I dread going to class together because she is always with the person she has replacing me when I’m there. I feel so alone.

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Sounds like a win for you.

Friends who ditch you are extremely dangerous alter in life. Imagine if you started business together and she screwed you.

You won here, id don't see anything else.

It’s just been really hard because I have been there for her when she needed it and we were best friends. Everyone who knew us would tell us how much they loved our friendship and I honestly never thought it would end. I lost my dog January 2 and she new how close I was to him and how heartbroken I have been and she still gave up on our friendship. I lost my canine best friend and my actual best friend 💔💔 she left me when I really needed her

get a ferret best friend II

Yes, these things are tough - but with time it will get better. That I promise you - I've been through it several times. Did you tell her what you've been going through?

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She knows and I have talked to her about how I’ve been feeling and if it changes it changes for a couple days and that’s it

Real friends are there for you when you need them. I know it's tough when you see her on a daily basis, but if that's the kind of character she has, you're better off without her. She'll just let you down again in the future. You are just as important as anyone on this earth, and you deserve much better friends than her.

I had to let someone go due to not talking to me anymore. I told her via message good bye and that I'm taking her off of my friendlist on facebook along with her husband. She didnt even respond to me about it. She knew I was struggling at the beginning when I got diagnosed with anxiety. Yeah granted she has 2 kids and taking care of her mother since of a health issue and her husband is overseas. I felt like I was a burden on her with asking how her mom was doing after something to her mom and no response. So dont feel bad it happens and I think some of them dont know how to deal with it

My best friend told me that he's tired of all the drama my depression causes him. I'm understanding of that as well. We usually talk on the phone about twice, three times a day. We skipped three days of talking when he no longer wanted me as a friend. It's when he got depressed that he reached out to me. He had no one that understood what he was going through, but me. I felt a bit used at that point. But we worked passed our problem and are getting along pretty well now. We need each other.

We used to to talk in the phone in the morning we’d be together throughout the day at work and school then we would talk on the way home and she’s stop calling me and now we don’t talk.

Did they give you any explanation why the relationship was called off? That is a horrible feeling, being betrayed by your best friend. I'm so sorry.

She hasn’t called it off but like on Monday before class I got there and was sitting down on one couch and the girl that she hangs out with now is on the other and she went and sat next to the other girl and started talking to her... she hasn’t seen me since the Tuesday before so we had a lot to talk about but no she’d rather talk to the other girl

That's awful the way she's treating you. I don't understand her behavior.

Sorry. You don't need her. People will come and go in your life and your real friends will stick around. Her loss. Don't let it get you down.

This always makes me calm ...

If it goes, let it go

If it comes, let it come

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