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How do I let go and forgive?


I have had a lot of traumatic situations that has occured in my life time. Right now I am severely struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD. My question is how do I let go over the negative things that I am currently experiencing that is making my anxiety, Depression and PTSD come out? I'm really struggling to let go and to forgive, and I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose my husband and everything I have worked so hard for.

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hi holding on to things from the past prevents us from moving on in the future it will always hold us back.being open and honest about it will really help.talking really is the most helpful tool we have.

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But how do you talk about it when you get shut down by reaching out? I feel like everyone around me has just shut me out or made it worse.

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either through therapy or a reliable relative that has your back even a friend.even take your husband along to therapy that way he will know of your struggles.

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Hi My Friend. From my own experience i find these same feelings and the affect on the feelings that emerge overwhelming. My wife and sons where involved at home with the Trauma,that i had been caught up in the Conflict while working in Libya last September. I feel similar that i cant reach out and speak of the horrific time after being caught very close to some explosion, and the 12 days of human hell i had in trying to get out and the chaos that unfolded with heavy militia clashes, as no British Consulate remain in Tripoli. But as i went through issues and horrors that cripple most my days to accept the fact that happened and how i was treated by my employer and im home now.

I understand now though why i feel pushed out of society aswell as my real life. My wife hates to be reminded of the constant phone calls from The Foreign Office, and the facts being told , she hates remembering each time we could phone eachother all she would hear was explosions and rapid gun battles. Maybe your family / friends feel your Traumatic experience has affected them and prefer to lock it away. I understand that from people, i understand the utter hell my wife went through acting as a coordinator during a war zone between the foreign office and me wasnt what she ever expected in my 30 yr career in the oil industry. I dont know your experience mate, but i always try ( except on a bad day ) to think how my experience affected my family, it makes me bitter of the situation being left out there as i am not a soldier but i had to try and be, my wife couldnt and i see how hard that must have been to hear war noises with my cursing scottish rage through it ha ha. Im sorry i ramble on its a nervous thing with me i have a mouth like an AK 47. But maybe your family are affected by it. I wish you well and i find now i can notice my threat alertness is always on , but im finding i can now realise and limit any threat i feel may occur. I was diagnosed PTSD 8 Yrs ago, then that fatefull 3 weeks of shear torture in Sept 2018 for me and my family happened but to be honest it was easier to adapt to what i was caught up in and could switch on some days with hope and a touch of madness if im honest. You will get through this mate you may not rid of the memories but you will see them with out that feeling they just shatter any well being. Now when i have flashbacks, i note i am and i say out loud what i actually see or count items in my surround. I always carry a small reminder of many good memories my life has , like a key ring or small photo, and it helps try to keep me here in my reality. I usually start smelling like burning rubbish and ill start one of the above. Things will pass mate and the voids trauma took will be filled again with your life as you want it. Take care and hope all goes well for you and your family mate and sorry for the story length reply

Talk to your GP and explain what is happening and what caused your problems in the past. There are treatments that will allow you to talk out your fears and anxiety. Eventually given time you will hopefully be able to take control of your past thoughts and what others have done to make you like you are now.

It can take time, although you need to be able to move on and live your life in a more Holistic way


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