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Anxiety attack-new job?


Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well! I had a terrible attack on my way to an interview😥😭. All of a sudden it felt like my throat was closing as i swallow. Worst feeling ever! Even now i feel the same way. I dont know what to do😔

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I get it. Sometimes when it hits I get so disoriented, I can't breathe or focus. Pacing till my legs ache is not out of the ordinary for me. It sucks so bad. There are times when I can pull myself out of it with deep breathing or with taking myself out of the situation but it only works if I catch it the at the moment of onset otherwise I get lost. It can feel like drowning. I hope it gets better for you.

Aww thanks ! I hope the same for you, its not a fun feeling at all.

I hate that feeling! I get it all the time and it’s worse when u eat something ugh

Yes exactly!!!!! Wow haha i thought i was the only one! How do you cope with it?

I’m still searching on how to cope with it, it’s so hard ugh


I get that too. It almost feels like Im choking and i cant get enough air in. Then i start panicking and ill roll down the windows to have the air hit me. I also try the deep breathing or ill do this yoga breathing technique were you hold one side of your nostril with a finger breathe in (then hold the breathe in and release finger and place on the other nostril and then breathe out) repeat. This helps me sometimes and ill do it like 5-10 times. I also kinda of remind myself of what is happening at the moment, and kind of talk myself down. Hope this helps! Hope you feel better :)

Married2015 in reply to jmendo97

Thank you! Breathing exercises dont help me. Hahah maybe im not patient enough. But i do sit back and think about whats happening so thank you for the reminder!💖

Hi Married2015, as terrible as the feeling is, it is nothing more than tense muscles

which can be calmed down by sipping on something warm to drink that is not caffeinated.

Gently massage the front of your neck to reduce the tightness. Breathe slowly to calm

yourself down. It will release in time. xx

Married2015 in reply to Agora1

Thank you ! Its still bothering me. I think its after i eat i get super anxious as well. 😥

Agora1 in reply to Married2015

Married2015, when you are eating, make sure you take some sips of water in

between bites as well as chew slowly. Gulping food and not being relaxed when

you eat can give that tight feeling in your throat. It is a common symptom of anxiety. x

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