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Struggling with weight

So I’ve really been struggling with my thyroid disease and my depression recently to the point where I wish I had an eating disorder like I wish I was anorexic so that I didn’t feel so bad about myself. I know that’s terrible to say and I know I can’t control my weight gain to a certain degree because of my thyroid. I’m just really struggling to find the motivation to change my eating habits instead of just hating myself. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Wemberly, I wish I knew the answer. My weight problems are from my meds. And I could try to walk more... I’m sorry you’re hating on yourself! I’ve been there, but it’s not helping you. It’s tough to work through, learning to love & except yourself. I’m on the journey & having low self esteem most of my life makes this harder.


Are you taking synthroid or levothyroxine for your thyroid? I assume you have an underactive thyroid. These meds are highly effective regulating thyroid function.




For some people the name brand synthroid is much more effective than the levo. Tried.


I have been there and I understand what you are going through. Take it day by day and find someone that you can talk to or call when you feel that way. It is a long journey but it can be done and is well worth it. I am praying for you and if I can do anything please let me know. Big hugs!


Thank you! I visited my doctor today and she said that I am doing just fine and that my weight is actually doing well for my thyroid (that is now that I’ve been working out 3-5 times a week). So that actually really helped me. Thank you for the support I greatly appreciate it!

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