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I can’t take it


I know I posted that inspirational message a few days ago I’m just having a rough day my own sister went out of her way to get me fired from my job cause we had an argument and that’s just the type of person she is and always been I have my sons to support what am I going to do

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May I ask how your sister got you fired?

We got into an argument and she called my job doing what she does best lying saying I accessed her chart or something like that so they had to let me go without any proof because it makes them look bad if they don’t

You must have some legal rights in this matter. Maybe you should consult an attorney and tell him/her what you told me. I'm not a lawyer, but I don't see how you can be fired for something without any proof.

&& before you ask no I didn’t but they don’t want a patient leaving or making them look bad

It’s all about their look, I’ve seen people get fired for someone calling & saying they were rude they don’t care

I’m so sorry sounds like you are in a bad place . I am sending you positive vibes

Yea and all I’ve ever done is help her give her money let her use my car etc. and she’s older then me just cause the fact she’s family and was supposed to be my sister


Disown her. I did. You don't need that b.s. Mine made sure I stayed in the mental hospital for two moths because she's a therapist and used that to keep me there. Screw that!! Never will see her again.

ChoaticAdhd in reply to Hidden

Yea I told her she was the lowest of the low and dead to me and my kids

Maybe the situation is a blessing in disguise? You are better off in a position working w/o your sister. One door closes,another one opens!

She was a patient she doesn’t work never has

So of course they took the patients word before letting me clear my name

Oh im sorry. My advice is to change your job & dont tell her where u work.

It’s fine yea my plan is to get far far away from her

You are better off!

Yea all she has ever done is take take take from me I will never need her she will need me and too bad now

My sister is selfish too. I havent talked to her in a few months. Im better off. Im so happy..lol


I wish I had better advice, but it seems that all you can do is either write this job off and look for another one, or ask an attorney if your rights were violated by your employer.

ChoaticAdhd in reply to jkl5500

It’s fine I know the truth I’ll figure something out a lawyer is too expensive but this has always been life with her in it

Hidden in reply to ChoaticAdhd

Go to the equal opportunity commission. I did and won a big settlement for wrongful termination. I didn't have to work for three years and stayed home with my baby.

TheFPK in reply to Hidden

Some states are “employ at will” and don’t need a reason to let you go.

Hidden in reply to TheFPK

Mine was too. If you can prove wrongful termination, you have a case.

She’s always been that way lying about someone that majorly impacts their lives

jkl5500 in reply to ChoaticAdhd

I often had trouble with my own sister, so I know how you feel. I'm very sorry about all this. It's easy for me to say this, but if that job was so insecure that one undocumented complaint could get you fired, you'll be much happier in the long run working someplace else.

ChoaticAdhd in reply to jkl5500

Yea I guess just that simple fact you did that over an argument she created, because she got caught in a lie starting stuff between me and our mom saying I was talking crap about our mother so I was getting kicked out but after me and our mother talked we realized she was lying and got caught

I also think your sister needs therapy a lot more than you do!

ChoaticAdhd in reply to jkl5500

She goes but I know she lies considering she never can tell the truth I mean her own grandmother moved 15 hours away to get away from her

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