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2nd at my work post -> support needed


Hello guys!

Thank you for great support on my first day. Here is my second, I will spend 12 hours, day time today as hotel receptionist.

So far almost two hours behind me. It’s a dead season so nothing to do at all. I’m waiting for my manager to come.... anxiety! Then the owner, his wife and son (he’s the worst!!!).

I’ve heard that I’m incredibly red on my face - needed to check that in the mirror, yep - red as hell. But who cares!!!

I have to stay positive and I am gonna do it!!

Wish me luck and more importantly- please be here with me. I really need your awesome support.

Together we are much stronger !!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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I’m here, you can do it.

Good luck 👍


Big smile for a great day

You are doing great! ! You've gone back to work, a major step, and you can do it. Although you're anxious, focus on slow deep breathing and you'll calm your nerves. I am so impressed you are being so strong. Here for you anytime! ! xx

Well done again ✊😊

🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗SO Happy for you!

I bet you look great with your rosy cheeks!!


Here with you

Well done ! X

Hi there. I'm on my second day here and really appreciating the support. Hang in there and keep sharing. We all have each other. I'm here and I care.


Okay I'm with you in spirit..we've got this! Remember to breath....let me know how it goes? Dump trucks of love, peace, light & hugs!

You got this, no worries!

Haha!! Surprisingly everyone is happy I’m back!! 🙃🙃🙃

Anxiety, your such a fool! ;P

👍Good 4 u 4 having the courage 2 get back 2 work ! Hopefully it gets easier 4 u as each day goes by🤞and u will have a pay check coming soon ! 🤑

Boiling a little bit inside me. Really strange sensation of fear mixed in my belly and chest. No idea why? The worst seems to be already behind me.

5.5 more hours to go!!

You can do it.

You got this! If it will make you happier at work ill put on a cheerleader outfit and show up at your work to cheer you on. Would you like that? Ok not really but I'm cheering you with good vibes and positive energy.

I will continue to stay on this blog, because of you. I am glad to see the positive outcome of your mental health since last week. I am sure that "this too, shall past" life's experiences come along in all of our lives. Continue to hang in there. Love


One hour and half to go. I’m tired already. From one o’clock there was so much to do that I didn’t have a moment to have my lunch. Sooo the downside is that I haven’t yet eaten today... drinking plenty though to fool my belly. But I’m here and I’m doing ok.

Thank you thank you thank you !!!!

I did it!!! I’ve talked with my boss, I’ve seen the owners wife and son. I survived 12h. I did ok - I wasn’t fabulous like I always try to be. I was ok.

Surprisingly enough - I completely lost my English. It sounded so bad! ;P and my English is one of my biggest strengths.

Thank you for being there with me.

I feel proud of myself :)

I feel now that anxiety is bullshiting me all the time and I should shut her down!


Wait let me grab my pompoms, im definitely cheering for you hun you got this!!!


I love your positive outlook and great forward thinking attitude! It sounds like you have the strength to get through your anxious moments. Everyone gets nervous and heart beats a little faster when the new boss shows up. I'm sure if you are exhibiting the same great outlook when they are there, you won't have anything to worry about. We love to have positive and hard working employees. They are the best kind (and unfortunately hard to find). Hope the rest of your first week goes well for you! Saying a prayer for you right now!

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