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depression setting in

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After Tuesday's visit with my therapist she had stated depression is setting in now. Anxiety is controlled by prozac. Just stinks because the thought of hurting myself is coming back and she is aware of this. Only thing being worked on is getting back into things that interests me like knitting. My cousin on my father's side if i do hurt myself he wont speak to me again nor would he visit me in a psyche ward. My cousin told me i'm not stupid enough to cut myself. UGH. That hurt me hard. No support from my family at all with my anxiety and depression. I was already told by my cousin to get off my medication for my anxiety and depression.

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Don’t listen to your relatives. They don’t know what this is like. Make sure your doctor knows about the increase in depression. Try to surround yourself with positive influences.

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only positive influences is basically here in the community. The one neighbor who help when they can work and have 3 kids. So i'm basically on my own

I am sorry for the lack of support from your family. I have a resource here that I think might be helpful , please check out the first video. I also went through a period of depression and anxiety and I didn't have a lot of support at first. Reaching out to a local church and friends who are understanding could be very helpful. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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thank you pamela

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