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For my mental health issues I have been hospitalized, had extensive ECT, talk therapy, tried almost every medication out there. Most of my doctors that I have respected and treated me like I was human say a lot of the stress from the PTSD and so on has benefited to a lot of my physical ailments. I was never ready to deal with my PTSD. To many traumatic experiences. But about two weeks ago she told me I had two. I had been searching Ketamine treatments for mental disorders since last July. I had been given ketamine IV in the ER for a migraine. It wasn’t a bad experience. A maybe it lasted a little bit, but my migraines repel all meds and therapy. I even tried mindfulness and meditation. Nothing. After finding a clinic for the ketamine that was reasonable in cost I called the doctor and spoke with him and called back on two other occasions with other staff members. I had done my research and was ready to try it. My GP gave it a stamp of approval so I felt even more confident.

Well tomorrow will be my fifth treatment. I have never experienced healing like this. Clarity, understanding, self love, forgiving (my worst offenders) and asking God that they be forgiven and experience healing as well. It’s something you just have to try, then it makes sense. There is a science to it, how it helps brain function, that had otherwise been turned off or dead. There is something about increase created? Not sure. During my first visit and treatment, I spoke to the doctor at length and he explained. It was over my head, and it still is. But I remember some of the stuff and it makes sense. The healing doesn’t occur just during the in-office treatments. Your brain changes. I felt this from day one, shot one. While you are home in between treatments there is healing and processing. I’m not saying it’s easy and it’s not a cure-all. But it’s better than being on tons of meds. I understand my purpose, and the fact that I feel like I have purpose is big.

There are boosters after the first initial 6 treatments. Some people are fixed after the 6. Some need boosters every 3 months. Sometimes longer. The more you deal with and process the longer the effects can last.

My GP said I had to do EDMR after this. The doctor I see for the treatments said that also has been shown to be effective and wanted me to start them while I was doing the treatments. I decided otherwise. I want to get through my treatments and talk to this doctor about my follow care and then go back to my GP and discuss my treatments and how positive they have been and my options for the EDMR.

To all of you who suffer from any of the things I suffer from, maybe less, maybe more, even substance abuse. This treatment can be the miracle you have been looking for.

My life has been difficult. You name it, I’ve dealt with it firsthand or through my very loved ones. Two weeks ago I was crying about not being able to do another 46 years on this planet. It’s too hard. Now I know I can. If you are in the salt lake area I can let you know where I go. The cost was very reasonable, especially when I consider some of the cost of the antidepressant. One I was taking was 1500 a month. It didn’t help. Another was 800 a month. Didn’t work. The cost for the treatments are in between those two numbers. I am being vague cause I don’t want this to sound like a commercial or advertising. You can contact me through PM if you want to chat about it.

I just want people to heal. I felt I would be robbing people of their miracle if I didn’t share. It’s still work. And anxiety doesn’t always dissipate like the others. But you have tools, in your mind and with this clinic, or any ketamine clinic, to heal and feel joy and self love.

Take care.

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I'm so happy that you are feeling better!! This is a very promising treatment for many isn't it? Hugs~

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Oh it is. I am so excited for my loved ones that suffer and just everyone that does. I believe it is a gift from God. And this doctor is so compassionate and caring. The whole staff is. Even when talking about the follow up. I just feel so blessed and also a little bit proud of myself for jumping into this head first and just letting go. I have suffered for so long. It’s just a miracle. I am just so grateful for everything. The clinic, the staff, the treatment and for your kind and supporting words. Hugs right back.

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