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Feelings of Anger and Frustration

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So I think I just figured something out. For a while now I have felt so angry and frustrated. I get irritated so quickly and the feeling stays with me for so long. And I think I realized it’s because I’m not satisfied with anything I’m doing and I feel like I’m not doing enough. I don’t do enough at work, my baking achievements that I post to Instagram don’t get a ton of likes and I see all my errors in baking. I just feel like anything I do, whatever it is, it’s not enough and it’s not gonna make a difference. And it’s affecting my self confidence in myself and my trust in other people. I don’t trust people to care about me or to care about the things I’m doing.

I don’t want to keep feeling like this. Does anyone have any tips on how to feel better? Like what do you guys do when you feel like you just aren’t enough?

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At the end of the day, it comes down to just loving what you do. If you do what you do because you love doing it, nothing or nobody else really matters.

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When I feel like I’m not enough I (should because I don’t always do it) write. I write down my thoughts, my feelings... anything. It’s important to do that because writing forces (I think, I can’t quite remember) the problem solving part of our brains. And then comes the important part, I look at what I don’t feel enough about and then remove all emotion from what I’m thinking about and look at positive reasons to why it is enough. Which is so, so difficult if I’m letting my feelings of doubt and self-loathing get in the way. You kind of have to step outside of yourself and evaluate the situation.

So, I feel like my body isn’t enough. I hate my body, even when it was at its healthiest I still felt like it wasn’t enough. I’m actually having those feelings right now. My body could be better, everything can improve. But it’s enough. It’s enough because I can stretch, I can walk, I can smile, I can talk. They reasons why it’s enough don’t have to be big.

I hope this helped. : )

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LibraryLove in reply to Entity

Thank you. It sounds like you know exactly what I’m dealing with. I will try to keep this in mind. I don’t think it’s going to resolve anything right away, but I can’t let these feelings last forever so I have nothing else to do but to try. Thank you for your advice ❤️

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I recently have been dealing with these issues as well. It's such a hard place to be because once you're there.. man, it's a vicious cycle if you don't speak truth into your life. For so long I've placed my value on what other people say about me and to me. Always striving for perfection and control in any area I felt I was losing control of. But for me.. I've had to realize that God created me and he knew I'd be here facing this. He has graciously given me the wisdom to realize my striving was burying me deeper in my self pity, self doubt and anxiety. I don't know what your faith system is, but looking to God has been the only way I've been able to truly see where I'm at and which direction to go. I really hope that you're able to find some peace and know that your worth is so much more than your Instagram. Out of curiosity, do you bake for fun or is this a career? I love a good cupcake.. :)

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That is wonderful and inspiring. Good for you! and nah I just bake for fun. I used to work in a bakery and it so nice for a while but the job could get stressful. Best to bake in my own time

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I can understand that. It seems like it could be pretty demanding and tedious. I love to bake also. I hope you're doing good today and have a little more clarity about your situation. Take care.

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LibraryLove in reply to Essentiallyfree

Thank you so much you too <3

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Read a book by Dr. Brene Brown. The Gift of imperfection.

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