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i am so tired of living like this


I’ll think i am doing better for awhile and then crash right back down. i have no will to live. i feel like I and my life will never get better. i am literally exhausted. but it’s like no one can do anything to help me and most people don’t care. even my friends and family who know i deal with mental health struggles don’t take it seriously or check up on me. where else to turn? i feel like I’m going crazy in my mind

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Me tooooo 🥺

sadskies00 in reply to Heathavee

I totally understand. Hang in there 🤧

I think subconsciously something is keeping you feeling this way. . Not sure. For me I had to figure out my triggers. Sounds like it’s your family and friends that bother you more than you think. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate. Research as much as you can. Just don’t give up. You do matter, you have touched more lives than you think. I know it’s hard especially with the mind thing , trying to grab a hold of anything not to go crazy. Just remember your not crazy. Perhaps take out a journal and write down all your frustrations and feeling than go back and read to help figure out what is triggering you to make you feel worthless

Thank you. This helped. I will try to do that

If you need yo break the hopeless feeling try the 5-4-3-2-1 anxiety technique. Do you know what that is?

I can tell you if you want

just looked it up. but thx.

No problem

That is the life with mental disorders, for sure. But remember, everything is temporary. You’ll be happy for awhile and things will be going great, but it’s temporary. BUT so is this feeling of doom and defeat.

No, no one can make you feel better. Which sucks. And trust me, I get what you mean by you reach out to family, yet still don’t check up. It’s like “so who really cares?” This is where you realize, only you are going to completely have your back in life.

So, this means, you have to put in all the work yourself. It’s up to you to find a therapist you can really connect with. It’s up to you to try and change your thinking habits. It’s not easy, especially with no motivation. And doesn’t happen over night.

But it’s when you finally realize, those people who say they have your back all the time, really don’t have your back all of the time. So you need to step up and have your own back.

You have a community here, that has your back as well. Yes, it sucks it’s not your friends and family. But sometimes, people you don’t even know can help you more than the people who do know you, and have known you for years.

The best part of being at complete rock bottom, is that there is only one way to go. Up. You just really have to do your part.

I hope you find some relief soon. I am sorry you are struggling alone. But in reality, you have this community right by your side.

sadskies00 in reply to Ubud2021

You’re right. This is a fight i will win.

Ubud2021 in reply to sadskies00

If you ever do want to make friends, feel free to inbox me! I also might inbox you sometime. Hope that’s okay (: do something that brings you some peace tonight.

Hi there I feel exactly the same so your not alone. I feel worn to the bone and exhaustion from it all. Things pick up for a week and then I crash right back down. Nothing has helped me either. My last hope is a private psychiatrist but I understand and know that there is a lot that would. I know it doesn’t seem much but sometimes knowing your not alone can help.

I’ve been there, that’s on e of the reason I was hospitalized this this wouldbe a good me to get your self stable and get the meds and courage rightTime to break from him. He can live will his sister it’s never going to work. It’s hard to be single but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Have the courage to break free. I love you. Your not working and nobody will no. I’ll held you move. Please do this

Sorry you’re feeling that way, what I’ve learned and I tell others in this site...don’t tell family or friends anything about what you’re going through. It’s Not that they don’t Care, it’s that they don’t know what to do for You? So they start avoiding you, they don’t want to hear it. We’re happy to give you support here without judgement cause we know what you’re going through. I would suggest counseling, you can get it via FaceTime/Skype or phone. So look into that? Let me know how your doing? We Care 🙏

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