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I just lost a job offer I was counting on. It wasnt a good job, it was yet another retail drone job. It wasnt a job I looked forward to. But it was WORK, something I desperately want/need.

Ive gotten to a point that everything seems so meaningless. Im searching again for work, but my mind keeps telling me that eventually Ill be right back here, barely getting by, worrying about money and bills. What's the point of trying if youre going to be right back at square one where you started?

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Hi I know how disappointing not to get the job you are going for but try and look at it this way. It's not that you weren't suitable but that another candidate perhaps had more experience or they thought they would fit in better.

I don't know which country you are in but if the UK then maybe look at claiming ESA (Employment and Support Allowance for those unable to work or to work full time.) Look at the Govt. site on Gov.UK. x

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ItsSDG in reply to hypercat54

I live in the states, and they arent exactly in the best place right now to help someone struggling.

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hypercat54 in reply to ItsSDG

No. Well I can't help there I'm afraid but there are members here from the USA and I am sure some will come in with advice. x

I would have always felt if I failed the Interview that would be sufficient to tell me the placing was not for me, I would then dust myself down and keep looking, something will turn up more suitable to your talents.

Would it be a chance to train for something you would enjoy, The Job Centre may be able to help in moving on


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