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Lost my job after 4 days


So I get this job I’m recruiting, totally felt relieved as my previous Barista job just made me very depressed.

Went in Monday , Tuesdays , Wednesday, Thursday on my way back from work , I get a call from the agency who got me the job advising me the company doesn’t wish to extend my contract. Was meant to be a 5 weeks job but ended at 4 days .

I asked why but they said no reason was given . But then it all clicks , I got to the job and was given a desk and tasks- no induction about the steps and maybe templates - nothing !!!

I panicked on my first day , came back stronger in my second day as I realise that’s the only way out of the job that made me depressed .

By today I knew what I was doing and worked hard . I didn’t even take breaks ! Needed to get things done !!! I guess I wasn’t doing enough.

They had decided from day 2 they don’t want me . My last couple of days has been filled with scanning and filing - nothing relating to the job I was recruited for .

It makes me sad and Genito get back into the depressed mood but am working on it .

I wish I could get a proper job , something I want to wake up and go to , something I want to learn from and use my brains.

I just cried for the last 3 hours and prayed ... still hoping .

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Sounds like they didn't give you a real chance at all. That's not fair. But better to get out early if they're going to be like that. You will find a job where you are more comfortable and where they're willing to give you a chance. Nobody is good at a new job in 4 days! Ridiculous. I wish you luck in finding something else.

Jayman3 in reply to Tedddy

I was basically trying to search through the system for templates to self teach myself . I have done that in the past. And more 4 days I learned a lot . I will take this as a lesson and fight through .

Thank you so much for your kind words

This is made me cry. This is so so so sad. I can’t really imagine if i were in your position. But hey Jayman3, just think that God has another job opportunity for you ahead. And just think, that you are matter! That place are not that worth it for you and i believe that you can do more! Keep the spirit up and please, do not give up okay???? ;)

Jayman3 in reply to Natasha_1994

Thank you so much Natasha. Sure . For a moment I thought about giving up but I won’t . I will dust myself and keep going . Everything happens for a reason and I will keep that in mind .

I agree with you. Everything happens for a reason. What's yours is waiting for you.

I also agree with Teddy. It's ridiculous the way they treated you.

I hope you are feeling better

=( I'm sorry to hear that, it does suck! They didn't prepare you and weren't dedicated to showing you the ropes, there was nothing else you could do or they could expect, based on the little they gave to training. It might have been too that the funding was stopped. Anyway, move on is all you can do. There are many other opportunities for you, and you will find one that works great for you. What are your interests? What is your education? The sky is the limit for you, depending on your decisions at this point. What about school if you don't have a degree yet, or even a trade school, there are a lot of scholarships avail. Best to you, brother. You got this, movin on. =)

Maybe . However I think it would have been better to complete a week. Getting told not to bother going back on a Thursday sounds like I did something .

Yes I have a bachelors degree in economics, a masters in marketing, an MPhil in and am hopefully going to finish my PhD this year . I will keep pushing forward and keep applying

Yea, I get it! It sucks, and nothing you can do. My son got a job and the first day, his car died. I came to get him, so he was about 30 min. late. They fired him right there and I had to go back get him, he was so down and I felt awful for him. Nothing we could do. =( He is working again tho, thank God.

Wow, interesting mix of majors there, opens the door wide for your career opportunities! Best wishes and prayers for you.

Thank you . Your son’s experience has encouraged me . I will keep praying and honestly I think it’s the hand of God. I may not see it now but something tells me .

Yes, God has a plan for your good, and he's got your back! Jeremiah 29.11 and Isaiah 52.12b <3

This opportunity was a learning curve and don’t for one second think that you are losing anything from this! You are gaining experience as a career and in life! You will soon be thankful that they let you go when you are in a job you get up for and look forward too! And in the mean time look forward to and embrace everything else that is positive in your life: and if it sucks, it will be better! Your qualities will be appreciated in another role and soon you will be filled with gratitude. I hope your break comes soon. I’m here if you need a chat or to unload. We’re all in this together ❤️ xzz

Thanks healthkick. Honestly need someone to talk to but I guess I can survive .

Before this job came up I had pulled myself up , was going out and trying to stay positive. This has brought me lower than I want to be.

Think I feel more embarrassed if for anything . Like I was so bad which I know I wasn’t . For all 4 days I worked there , I didn’t take a break . I was there early and left late and always asked the boss for a new task.

And then they gave me all their dirty jobs to do. I will pray for people who treat me like this . I hope they don’t do this to everyone because it hurts

I am so sorry. It is awful to go through that.



Don't give up! I have never stayed at a job for year. Due to being unhappy and not looking forward to coming to work. Something good will come along! At my current job I always feel like my anxiety is going to get me fired. So I know how that feels. You will find a boss that will want to work with you. I have been at my current company for almost a yr now. I transferred to a new location about 4 months ago. Ive had a lot of anxiety attacks to the point of crying in front of my boss a couple times. Losing my temper at co workers. However my boss always gives me tools to be a stronger person and a better employee. ( I also started to go to group therapy) You will find a boss that will empower you. Took me a couple yrs. Prayers to you! * That company that fired you didn't sound like they wanted to give you the tools to be successfull.

hope this helps.



Carry on like it never happened. Consider it a good thing that you didn’t waste months there and get fired for no reason. As I see it they wasted 4 days of your time.

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