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Does anybody else's mind just get tiered of thinking so much ?

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My brain gets literally worn out sometimes. I get to where i just can't think clear at all. Heck, I get to where I can't even enjoy anything, or/ become extremely bored with movies, tv, and much more...

I find myself mispronouncing words, getting words crossed, [ saying some words that are totally not what I intended to say ], catching myself, correcting it, then wondering why or/ how I'm doing it ? [ til my mind grows tiered about that ]

I'll talk with people sometimes that I enjoy talking to and find myself not wanting to engage anymore and mentally not into it.

Brian Fog I Guess ? How about you ?

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Yep! Anxiety sure does wear us out.

It's like your mind is constantly searching for a missing piece. Like somebody is missing something somewhere for me to be like this....odd

Yeah I know the feeling

My brain gets fried so easily. I'm always thinking 😥. I use relaxation methods and teas to give my mind a break. I turn my headphones up when I really need a distraction. I'd tell people that I'd be just fine if my mind didn't work. Sometimes i literally want to think about nothing 😏

I always feel like I just want to shut my brain off...I try meditating but it’s so hard for me. Constantly sit in silence just staring into space with no desire to even listen to music 😣

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Sometimes I Just Put On Music.... The Soundtrack To The Village [ james newton howard ] Is Just What I Need...Easy Mental Relaxation Music Helps Me Sometimes...

Thanks Friend. I Feel Ya...

[ heck, head over to youtube and check the whole thing out...may help...]

Exactly word for word, I get that too. I be having a conversation with a good friend of mind and then my mind just stops paying attention and blanks outside... and about mispronouncing words I get that be like that sometimes

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