Does anybody feel like your mind and body are detached ? Depersonalization

I hate this feeling more than anything, I feel like I'm seeing the world through a glass kinda if that makes sense . I feel sometimes like a stranger to myself, I know they say anxiety can cause this and Prozac too but I wish it would just go away, I'm always a highly stressed individual and have issues sleeping and focusing . What can I do ?

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  • Hi have a look at my post put up a few days ago. I hope this helps a bit. Lil x

  • Wow i feel that too.. on top of that a constant saddness because no one understands me... Man i have no idea what we should do.

  • It sucks. I have this extreme fear that I'm gonna stop breathing or fall over or have a heart attack etc. I was good for awhile and now the anxiety is back , I hate when people don't understand us. It sucks every day feeling this way and not knowing what to do about it

  • Haha me too! Everyday i fear death.. You know we shouldn't worry cause everyone here feels the same. All of us here understand each other. Just keep reminding yourself that you're breathing , check your pulse i do that to show myself that i have a normal rythme & when the panic starts i sing & listen to music , try that!!!!!

  • I don't know why am like I am but I have the biggest fears like I always have to check my breathing like I feel like I'm in a stop at the randomness time

  • Do you also feel like you're sinking inside your own body while trying to breathe?

  • Exactly. It's so weird and confusing it's like you don't feel real , your just " here"

  • The feeling of escaping your own body but unable to. It's a crazy feeling. This is the worst part when you think no one can help you but only yourself. Once we pass this feeling we are actually able to control anxiety.

  • You described it perfectly . That is exactly how I feel . Idk why I feel this way

  • I have the same feeling Too, having breathing difficulties daily but doc says it's fine. Am referred to a psychiatrist end Oct. hope it will solve the problem.

  • Oh tell us what to do when you visit the psychiatrist. I would like to go to a psychiatrist but it's really expensive.. 100$ for only 1 session & im not sure it's even a full hour...

  • I will keep you guys updated, but please seek help asap, before depression sets in. We all more or less feels the same here.

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