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I still have long ways to go fighting my own decease, I am doing lots of therapy and reading, but my biggest progress is coming from my will to make changes.

I am here today to encourage you all in declutter your house, or you room, or any space that you could use some change.

I do this professionally and now I’ve been doing in my own house every day for the last two months, and there’s no better feeling than decluttering for me. 💕

I’ve been trying to tenha myself what I teach my clients, things are just things, and if they’re valuable they’re not meant to be inside of your closet in a mess that you can’t even find it.

Do a favor to yourself, be responsible for your belongings, take care of your room/ house, to he place where you live reflects who you are, if your house is a total mess then how can you expect your mind to be in shape?

Going to group therapy, what I see a lot on people dealing with mental illness is they worry too much about things they can’t change, I feel you, trust me.

But let me tell you something revealing that you can do for yourself today and I can assure you will bring you joy.

You can start by one single drawer in your room/ kitchen, office, anywhere! Take everything out, get rid of anything that you don’t need or doesn’t bring you Joy and make it look as nice as you can, repeat the process with every space that you have in mind it could use some change, and you will feel Joy and proud of yourself every time your cross that place again. 💕

Count on me for any questions you may have thought all this process!

Stay strong 💪

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Thanks for sharing this information! I am going to try this

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Gasulina in reply to kkat37

Let me know how it goes! 💕

I have been doing this little by little in my home. I cannot wait until it is all done. Thank you for the great post.

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Gasulina in reply to AZ1970

I’m glad to hear it’s working for you too, thank you for your feedback 😊

I just started doing little by little work in my house and it makes me feel better because

I don’t have to rush myself or feel bad if I don’t finish everything at once and am

happy am making progress

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Gasulina in reply to tamka38

Baby steps 💗 keep working hard, I know you can do it. Stay strong 💪

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tamka38 in reply to Gasulina

Thank you

Thank you!

I needed a push to start doing this.

I always feel lighter and like everything is more possible when I do this.

I have a kitchen cupboard that I’m planning to start on :)

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