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Need support

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Right now the only way to put a brake on my brain from the ‘if/then’ thoughts is to stare at my tablet playing cards. I slept lousy, am getting a cold, and have some decisions facing me. I don’t want to face them, so I start another game and for the moment my mind is otherwise occupied. Don’t know what to do next. Feeling restless, that rush of heat through my body. Need to talk this through. Oh yah, no one here gets one to talk to

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Not true! A lot of people, like myself, experience the same avoidance due to anxiety. You aren’t alone at all. It’s the reason I have solitaire cube, etc. on my phone, constantly trying to find a mental distraction in those times. Sometimes I can’t stop the thoughts even with some of those activities. Here to talk if you neEd. Hang in there

Thank you for commenting. I dragged myself up and out to a standing Sat morning workshop. Was silent but felt good to be among people, less alone , did some errands, had to see that irritating/needy/two faced relative because I left my phone there yesterday, and made it quick. Spoke to my hubby a bit about symptoms returning. He didn’t say anything but at least he didn’t rebuke me. Thinking about therapy and meds again. I don’t want to do the work again. I want it to go away. Why is it back? Did I miss an avoidance tactic along the way...I’m rambling. Sorry and thanks

Maybe something is triggering it...therapy could be really helpful. I see a social worker, and it really helps. I know what you mean about not wanting to do the work. It’s so frustrating! It’s good you got out and did something though!

Even if you may feel you are alone, you are never alone. I do feel like that sometimes & I have to remind myself that Im not alone, I just feel lonely.

We all have our good days and bad days. We just have to be kinder to ourselves.

You are both so right. Thank you for the reminders. Spoke more with my husband and much to my surprise instead of making me feel like I bring this on myself, he suggested I go back to therapy. That meant so much. Hope you both have a nice night. Hope I sleep.

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