Hello, and thanks for reading this. I REALLY need some support - sorry to be needy :-( I had a complete nervous breakdown the middle of February, spend 20 days inpatient, and three weeks in a partial hospitalization program. I felt more positive after the treatment, but when I returned home to the 'real world' my entire life changed for the worse. I lost my son (he and his father moved out of my home) and now my finances are a MESS. My mother will not speak to me because of everything going on and I have no help. I do not know what to do and how to overcome all of this. It is pure hell. How is anyone supposed to recover under these harsh conditions? Has anyone else made it through something like this? PLEASE HELP!

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  • Hi Reneenay444-

    Okay, take a deep breath. This is a very hard situation. You just need to take it one day at a time. Anxiety is really hard. A mental breakdown is terrible. I am so sorry. You should try and join a support group. Or seek a therapist if you have not done so already. Your son will come back into your life. You will be a great and capable mother. Right now will pass. Things are going to get better. Explain to your mom the science, tell her that you need her. A mother can not turn away a child in need. Things will get better. For now, get busy. Busy helps. If gets things done and keeps your mind off the troubles. The more stable you become, the more everything will work itself out. I am sorry about everything. Feel better

  • I'm so very sorry for what you're going through. I don't know how anyone gets through this. I just know that you keep on going and somehow you do get through it. Especially if you have a faith that you practice, you keep on practicing it and put your trust in your God and you keep on going forward until you get to the other side of your problems.

    Never give up!! I'm here for you and I will support you for as long as you like. I've been through h*ll a few times myself and I have made it through and I'm still here. I just kept on fighting and pushing forward and kept the faith and eventually conquered the evil. And won. How specifically can I help you?

  • Hi Renee,

    Without knowing what was behind your breakdown it is hard to say if your mother's help would be beneficial to you. It might make matters worse. What is it you want from her that you cannot get from elsewhere?

  • Thank you everyone for your replies. They truly mean SO MUCH. I am still pushing through somehow, but it is SO HARD. I have never been through anything like this in my entire life, and I feel as if I am STUCK in a nightmare and can't wake up. Thanks again for your posts. I really appreciate the support.

  • Ok, but speak up and write if you need something more from me and I will support you at that time. You might just need someone to listen who knows how you feel. Or an encouraging word. Just ask away and I'll do my best to provide what you need. I won't tell you I've been through something if I haven't. No lies here. Just the truth. And one truth is that we are stronger than we want to believe because when the going gets really, really tough we somehow keep pushing ourselves because we have no other choice and somehow we get through the personal h*ll we are in and find ourselves on the other side. And we do not want to ever, ever go through that again, so we learn all that we need to know so that doesn't happen ever again. Hang in there, you can and will get through this!

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