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Hiding with Anxiety

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Left work early today and didn’t tell anyone. Anxiety is a 10 out of 10. Feel so fragile and lost. No where I am lonelier than at work. I came to the library. I feel like there are other people here escaping to be alone. Kind of a nice feeling. My work is such a terrible mismatch for me but my family needs me to work to support them. Desperately want to just quit but of course the money will run out. I just don’t get what I’m living for. Every day is torture to get through. I get the simple interaction with wife or kids or dog, but that 30 mins a day isn’t enough to sustain me. I just want the pain to go away.

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Hi FInx, the work situation is a tough one to tackle for sure. Do you have a plan to change jobs? If not, trying to map one out could help give you something to focus on. Have you discussed this with your wife? You are a partnership so hopefully you can tackle this together. Your kids are most important in my opinion. Hopefully you can find more time to spend with them. I know these things sound easier said than done....so i hope for your acute situation which, believe me, I know is real agony, you have a therapist to talk with. Last, is there anyone at the work place that you can chat with a bit? Finding an ally there would help. Hoping you can hang in and develop a plan!!!

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Finx, I'm so sorry you are struggling and feeling like you need an escape. I know how it feels to hate your job and loathe being there. Needtovent has some good advice especially discussing your feelings with your wife and developing a plan to address your work situation and struggles with anxiety. You matter, your life matters and being in a good place for your wife and kids matter. Have you considered counseling? What about a career counselor even to help you explore other work options? Please just know that you aren't alone and that people care about you. Praying you find a good solution and life becomes a place you want to be!

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