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Can't Hide From the Inside

Hey all. I am snowed in here in the NC mountains kind of staring at the walls. My mind is in over-drive with no distractions.

I can't hide from the inside and feel myself spiraling downward into depression.

I reached out to a friend...and they turned me away. It feels like my hands are slipping off the rope of sanity.

I needed to open up.

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Dominic, you know we would never tune you out. There are so many of us

who can support you. Your hands won't slip, we've got you.

We are here to listen. x

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Thank you Agora.

Today is my day to stumble.

I am grateful for you.

You matter.

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It's okay to stumble Dominic. We all do at times.

Nothing more gut wrenching then being inside 4 walls

with our thoughts. Time to share what you are feeling.

We are always here for each other. Today may be your

day, tomorrow may be mine. We're never alone my friend x

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I don't know what I'm feeling.

It was just an overall darkness...loneliness I guess.

And the feeling of being turned away.

The kindness of strangers...when those close to you shut the door on your fingers.

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I hear you Dominic. Don't underestimate the kindness of strangers, especially

those who feel the pain as you do. We are a virtual family of people who

care. Most of us know the hurt that's caused by people closest to us who

shut the door on our emotions. Including myself. I've become stronger for that.

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I have been overwhelmed by the genuine kind, caring people here.

Today I am just overwhelmed.

I am crying...and smiling at the same time.

Thank all of you...for the smile.

You matter. More than you will ever know.

I'm srr, it's such a devastation to reach out, and be turned down. (((Hugs)))

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Thank you. It sure didn't help to be not worth the bother.

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You me.

There is tremendous power in a kind word.

So Sorry , Dominic. Glad you turned here , because friends here will NEVER turn you away. The other day , I took what you told me to heart ...about always being there for your son no matter what. I was ready to give up , despite knowing how it would crush MY son. Your words gave me the strength. Your purpose is great and I just know you’re a wonderful human being. I feel like we have much in common ...unfortunately, things such as our career situations , middle age. Anyhow ..I’m wishing you strength, courage , and fortitude in rising from today’s despair. I’m here in inpatient with lots of time if you ever want to chat. Peace to you.

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Thank you so much.

I know that each of us will have our day.

Standing one day...kneeling the next. Today I am kneeling.

Your words, your time, your heart are appreciated.

I'm glad you sought help. I did the same.

I came here.

May you find peace.

You matter.

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Thanks Domenic :-)

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Thank you, Sir.

I'm glad you found this forum.

I'm glad I saw your post.

And I am grateful that you saw mine.

I wish you hope in return for the hope you have given.

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tamka38 in reply to Quest4peace

Hey they let u keep your phone?

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Quest4peace in reply to tamka38

Yes, thank God. Have to give it to them to charge, but that is the only restriction

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tamka38 in reply to Quest4peace

That’s great,

You matter.

I'm sorry you're having a bad day...this to shall pass.

Love and light to you. ❤🌹

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Thank you Robinrenae.

I found both love and light here today.

You matter.

Love and light...and peace and hope to you.

Hi Dominic, my computer crashed so I went to Plan B and had

some lunch. I'm back only to see that you are surrounded by

many of your friends on this site. Embrace this good feeling in knowing

you are cared about by so many. :) x

in reply to Agora1 all of you...please know (and I'm sure many of you do) that I have stumbled, struggled, cried many times as I battled with anxiety / depression.

I did this alone...even in the company of of family or friends, never willing to admit the sadness that I couldn't explain and they couldn't understand.

I was searching for a group that I could join when I found this forum. It has been a God-send.

That was less than a month ago. I look back and wonder how I made it before.

And I look forward knowing that I can give hope.

And I can ask for it.

I came here today. I am grateful for each and every one of you...those helping...and those asking.

That is the foundation for my two word salutation:

You matter.

It means that you help others in need, and you make me feel needed.

Never have doubt about your purpose or your power. No one here is worthless.


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Dominic, I'm both smiling and so moved by your beautiful response.

It takes all of us to make this forum a success. Your words have

said it all my friend. :) x

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Agora! Sweet Agora! I listened to your song this morning & thought of you instantly! I hope you’re doing okay today. I love you. 💖✨🤗

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I just got back from the grocery store. I got all I need to bake homemade

Christmas cookies. Haven't done that for a while. I think the pictures of

the Christmas Trees got me in the mood. Today I'm upbeat.

I love you too Mermaid :) xx

Hi Dominic, so sorry to hear you reached out and were turned away. That will never happen here, we are all here for each other and today we are here for you. You are important to us and you have lots of friends here who do care. Sending you supportive hugs. xx

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You have my thanks...for simply caring.

You matter.

It breaks my heart to know you’re suffering right now. You’ve been so amazing to me, so I am here for you if you need me! I hope you’re feeling better now! Sending you lots of hugs!

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Thank you DM...

Today was my day to kneel. But today I didn't kneel alone. I didn't look down and watch my tears hit the floor.

I looked up and came here because of caring people like you. And I reached out...and cried still for a little while...all the while smiling.

That is the gift I received today.

And I cherish it.

You matter.

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You don’t have to thank me. That’s what friends are for. I’m so sorry that you’re hurting today. Don’t ever forget that YOU matter too. 💖💖💖

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Every kindness desrves gratitude.

And I am eternally grateful.

I am much better now than earlier.

This community of very special people brings light that shames the sun.

You matter DM...we all do.

Dominic your the best and awesome. You have so much support here and you give so much too. It breaks my heart that you struggle. Keep up the good fight!!

in reply to aaronm

Aaron my friend, our forum family has come together to and shined their light for me today.

You are here even as you deal with your daughter's operation.

I, will say, in truth...

You matter.

I've seen your posts and how you try to help others. You don't really know me but I have noticed your positivity towards others and I can see you are a very caring person. Please know you can always talk on here and we will listen. xx

Is there anything you'd like to chat about right now?

What time is it there?

It's ten past eight in the evening where I am in the UK x

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It's 3:15 in the afternoon.

And thank you. I am ok now.

I needed hope...kindness...understanding.

I received all 3...ten-fold.

I woke up with an empty cup.

And now my cup runneth over.

Please know, all of you, that you have done something amazing today. That you do something amazing every time you reach out to a stranger in pain.

You restore faith.

You matter.

Glad you are ok now. xx You matter xx

I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday my friend. I was not online much this past few days and can totally understand feeling the downward spiral....and I'm glad you reached out to catch the rope being throw to you to hold on and hopefully pull yourself back up.

It's an awful place to be , and it's such a great thing to have your friends here that are understanding and loving.....

Take care of you for us....and let us love you my friend......your never alone.....

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I have said many times...I came here looking for hope.

I found it.

Thank you for your kind words my beautiful friend.

You matter.

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I for one am glad you did find have always been very kind and supportive to me....and I always appreciate that.....

So sorry I did not see your post until today. How are you doing now?

Sending hugs!

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I am much better. Not perfect...but ok.

Yesterday just got away from me.

Thank you for asking...and thank you for caring.

You matter.

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I am relieved to hear you are doing better. I hope you gave yourself some self-love. Maybe gave those adorable furry children some hugs? :) It's amazing the healing I can feel from my cat.

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