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People With Anxiety Disorders Are Hiding These 5 Superpowers (Backed By Science)

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I know many of us feel this disease is the absolute devil. But we don’t realize the gifts that we have. These make us very special and unique people. I hope you enjoy this article. Remember that you are also blessed with these gifts. All my love ❤️

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Awesome article, my friend. I can identify with each one of those points. Thanks for the info, M.


🤔 how to spin this into a resume. 👍

Like very much..thanks.

This is great. Thanks so much for sharing!💜

I just read the article. Thank you, I can relate to most of it.

Yep I have all of those qualities. I always thought everyone did until recently. How weird that they don't ! xxxxx

What do you mean that you thought everyone had these qualities and believe that they don’t? Do you mean everyone or just people with mental illness? Sorry I’m confused.

Sorry to confuse you. What I meant is that I have only realised very recently that I am extremely empathetic etc and that not everyone is the same. I tended to assume that how I was is how everyone is but I am realising that different people have different levels of empathy , connectedness etc.

I tend to connect at a very deep level with everyone I meet and am super aware of other people's emotions etc. and very psychic in that I'm aware for example when someone close is in trouble even though they haven't phoned me etc; but then I get a call and I'm not surprised as I have already sensed their difficulty or whatever it might be. It might be something positive or something they have been thinking and decided to tell me but I have already realised that they are probably thinking this. I guess it's just a question of me being very perceptive emotionally. It happens all the time to me and I had just assumed this was common to everyone. I didn't mean specifically people with mental illness, no. xxxxx

Omg! I kind of thought that’s what you meant but I’m glad I asked because it’s really cool reading about your gifts. I feel pretty much the same way! It’s like we can feel people’s energy. We feel their feelings. And I believe a lot of people with mental illness have these traits. Like, we were chosen special. We have a sense when others are sad. My sister always told me I have that gift.

I’ve done this a few times, but one time sticks out to me. I was in a restaurant and this man was eating by himself. It wasn’t that he was alone eating; I could just sense he was sad. Even how he talked to the server was sad. He had such a quiet voice, calm voice. I can always tell with the eyes. They were so sad. I got so upset that I started crying and we left. I just felt something, you know? That’s why I think we have a few gifts, but we concentrate so much on the bad stuff that we forget about them. Having empathy is very special. I’m sorry, I can go on and on about this subject. I’m trying lately to appreciate these gifts. Xoxo 😘

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