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Does anyone know of a good free CBT site that can do custom plans. I see the ones for hundreds and I know of the hospital that does the whole thing. But I can not afford either so searching for the freebies. I am trying to do it on my own to help Insomnia , Depression etc. It is hard because they say think through the worse and its really not so bad. But my life is that bad. So I trying to cope to sleep. I am stuck in loud noisy sketchy apartment after going homeless. Credit in blown. I had a cool life and counted on future that wasnt there. Lost my dog, my home, and great city to live in. Really actively trying accept the fate given and be thankful I am not dead. Though I dream of escape all the time. I keep asking for help but there is none. I hoping some CBT change thought patterns that are distructive. Thanks

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There are books on CBT you can purchase. Anything by Aaron Beck is good. He founded REBT, which is very similar. Perhaps you can look at your local library to see if you can find something you like and relate to. Are you in AZ by the way? I see the PHX in your user name.

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Lol no going with raise from ashes thing. Cool I ll check that out thanks . Seems like a long road but worth traveling.

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