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Lately I’ve been feeling so down. I’m so depressed about everything I always feel so disappointed in myself like I’m not doing enough for myself or anyone else. It’s hard to explain how I feel but I feel so trapped. When I try to talk about it’s like there’s a lump in my throat and nothing comes out and I start to get really anxious. I just feel like a disappointment all the time.

5 Replies
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So sorry you are feeling this way. First off, one success was coming here and beginning to identify your feelings. Congrats. Maybe you can break down one small thing you need to do as a next identify one person you can talk to or thing you need to say, (just identify for now), and then you have another accomplishment. One tiny step at a time .

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I am very sorry you're feeling this way, especially about yourself. I can relate with you in many ways. I am sure you a very intelligent and a caring person. You need a positive role model to look up to, to help you get through these moments when you need affirmations and uplifting to keep your positive attitude towards being able to open up. Do you have anyone you look up to?

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I’m sorry that you’re feeling that way. Many of us can relate.

It sounds like you are depressed, and depression convinces us of things that are not true, like that we are a failure or a disappointment. It sounds like the hardest thing in the world, but the best way to overcome this is to take care of yourself as you would if you felt the opposite: take time to addres personal hygiene, put on clothes that make you feel good, exercise, and pamper yourself.

Make new goals to work toward and start small - it could be as small as taking a walk around the block. Reaching small goals will encourage you to work toward bigger goals and you’ll start regaining confidence in yourself.

Lastly make sure to reach out to help - a counselor or therapist, trusted pastor, or an understanding family member. Please let others who care about you know how you’re feeling. Their listening and encouragement can go a long way to relieve the burden you feel like you’re carrying.

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Hi, so sorry that things have been hard. I think we all relate, those times when we feel like nothing is right, that everything is mess, that our relationships aren't quite right. Please don't be hard on yourself. This is the time to love yourself through this. Many people who responded said good things. Start with taking it fifteen minutes at a time. Just get through the next thing. Do something positive for yourself whether it is taking a walk, dancing to a favorite song, calling someone who loves you and supports you. If you belong to a church, talk to your pastor and share how you are feeling. Start with doing something small and make it a part of your every day, something that makes you feel better. It can be as simple as eating a healthy breakfast and starting your day off right. This is when you need others. A counselor might be a really positive thing to work some of these feelings through. Not sure how old you are, if you are working or in school, but any of these things can apply. Be gentle with yourself. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you matter! Because you do! Things will get better, we hit valleys and then we start to climb back. Stay strong and reach out to others, whether it's personal friends, family or professionals who can guide you. Sometimes, it even helps to do something special for someone else. You will be in my prayers and I wish you well.

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I'm sorry, I've had that same feeling.

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