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Social anxiety, depression and drinking ptsd

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Hi so tomorrow is new years eve. I haven't gone out for years because i had a tramatic experiance with alcohol poisoning. Its because i had social anxiety as well as stuff going on. I tend to have anxiety about drinking, which can cause me to drink to much. I dont have an alcoholic dependance. It has lost my appeal, but i would say i have an issue when i have a manic episode or panic attacks after drinking too much. How can i prepare and be aware while i am drinking, and deal with my social anxiety to prevent me from having self harming and dangerous behavior. I am also on meds.

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Take a buddy some times in the moment it can be hard to remember how much you have had as a friend to help you stay on track. After every drink drink water so 1 cup of bubbly then have a cup of water. Make sure you are eating also either eat a meal prior to going out or eat while you are drinking. Decide before going out how many drinks you will have once you reach your limit stop. You can even do reminders like if you want to drink 3 wear 3 bracelets after your first drink take a bracelet off just a physical reminder. Have fun!

I am so happy you have taken the step of being on here with like minded others and no judgment. When asking for help from a friend or a family member who hasn't dealt with social anxiety or depression you can sometimes receive backlash in judgment and it makes it harder to recover or to grow. I've been in the same boat when It comes to binge drinking because of anxiety I don't do well in groups of people so I used to drink a lot to cope with that. The only problem is I would make an ass of myself all the time and I didn't want to do that at any of them are so the best thing for you to do is to weigh your desire to have a healthier body and a healthier experience w other people over being numb. Find healthy Outlets like painting or jogging that's what I do

Amethyst, I can totally relate to you about drinking too much which is caused by our social anxiety. I too struggle with that. I pray you are strong this holiday. My doctor has prescribed me medication for my cravings pls look into that as well.

What is your medication

Because drinking on meds is not good

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