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Struggling to feel good



I currently had a really big opportunity fall through, one that I had been working towards and counting on for a very long time. And now I've entered this spiral where nothing feels good anymore, and I'm constantly anxious. It's never been this bad before and I'm struggling to visualise anything good happening for me ever. I'm in a situation where I cant afford any therapy or medication and that's definitely not making things any easier. I really want to believe that I wont feel this way forever, but with the loss of my dream I feel like I've let everyone down and lost my sense of self. It's almost paralyzing to make any decisions now.

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There is a lyric in a song that goes something like, “ Old friend don’t to feel too bad you only had half of what you thought you had” and I take it to mean that sometimes even our sucessses may not be as monumental as we think they will be. I have self sabotaged so many things, dates, opportunities to travel, and professional opportunities, yet much of it was because I had an anxiety disorder (that I did not ask for). So please don’t get to caught up in self balme. Anxiety is hard to deal with and you are doing your best.

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Thank you. It helps to know that I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Sorry this has happened to you. I hope that a new, greater opportunity comes up.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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