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hello everyone, since november i’ve been having anxiety attacks.. the first one happened out of nowhere i was just in my room drawing and singing along to my music when my heart started to feel like it was racing i was so confused and worried i didnt know what was going on. i couldnt breathe i thought i was having a heart attack or something but im only 18???? i went to the hospital that night and doctors told me everything was fine, i was fine n my heart was fine, but i still felt like something was wrong with me. a week passed and i was still having symptoms i was going back n forth to the hospital even though i knew they couldnt do anything to help my attacks from happening but going to the hospital n them telling me i was fine gave me comfort and calmed me down. since then i’ve been really sad. sometimes i feel like im just dreaming and my life isnt real. i’m scared to do anything .. i wake up in the middle of the night for no reason everyday. every morning when i wake up i constantly rethink about going anywhere bc i feel like im going to die.. (my biggest fear is dying while im still young.) this whole year ive been happier than ive ever been and now it all feels too good to be true , my friends are great and my boyfriend is too but i feel like all that can be taken away from me at any time and that makes me scared because when im with them my anxiety goes away .. i forget i even have anxiety attacks when im with them. but anyways last night i couldnt take my anxiety , i was sitting in the living room with my aunt and cousin we were talking and laughing and all of a sudden i just didnt want to be there with them anymore. i ran to my room n sat on my bed and started crying. i’m just sick and tired of feeling like this, of feeling like theres something wrong with me when there isnt .. of panicking when there isn’t a reason to.. its killing my happiness and every time i explain how i feel people look at me like im crazy and that’s exactly how i feel sometimes .. i downloaded this app bc i see im not the only one & i just want to go back to how my life was before ..

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A feeling I know all to well and experiences that have happened to me. I can have several of these a day, once a week or go months without a single ANYTHING. I have been looked at like I'm "crazy" as if just "calming down" was a simple choice. I used to watch out for triggers and helped from time to time but always came back. It can get better and opening up to someone who can be there and know what to do or not do was a huge help.

ughh yes at times i know when an attack is about to happen n i can try to calm myself but days like yesterday i just couldnt keep myself together .. my doctor wants me to do something called cognitive behavioral therapy and i wanna try it to see if it does help.

Exploring options is good. Best of positivity your way. I know a few things can work for me and sometimes its good to just let those feelings out.

Sounds like mood swings. Are you on hormone treatment?


I’ve been through all the things you described since I was a teenager. I’m now 61. Through the years I’ve been to counselors for years at a time, and they helped a bit. I am now on medication from a psychiatrist for the past 9 years, and I no longer have panic attacks. I also have generalized anxiety disorder, GAD, which is anxiety that comes and goes or is always there to some degree. I worry about everything. But with the meds I sleep through the night and overall feel much better.My advice to you is there is help, so please go see a psychiatrist for medication, or if you don’t want to do that, please see a psychologist for talk therapy. Your mental health is worth everything and you deserve to have peace.

I care because I’ve been there. You don’t have to live this way! Please take my advice. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and one last thing. I journal. I write my thoughts and feelings in a book daily and it gets them out of my head and sometimes provides solutions.

Let me know how you’re doing if you see a counselor of some sort. God’s blessings to you!

i will take your advice, thank you 💛

I started my anxiety attacks at 21. I wish I can tell you what to do but I can't. However, I can tell what not to do.

1. Do not post on a general social media when you have attacks

2. Do not make a important decision during an attack. Like breakup

3. Limit what you say to your friends about your anxiety keep it to family.

4. Do not use illegal drugs or alcohol to calm an anxiety attack. Wait until after your anxiety settles to drink alcohol. (according to the law)

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