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Hopeless love life

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Hi guys. I noticed that I tend to like guys a lot more than they like me. I give them so much attention and I never get the same energy back. I was supposed to meet up with this guy I’ve known for a while (I kind of likeD him). We agreed to meet at a food place. I waited in the parking lot for almost an hour and just left. I kept calling him to see where he was at but he wasn’t answering his phone. He said he was picking someone up but was asking others to hang out on Snapchat. It really hurt me because he clearly does not respect me enough to let me know he’s busy doing something else or to even decline our initial meet up. Initially, I did not want to end things with him because I secretly still wanted to see him (and a smart part of me now still wants to). He tried to apologize but only after I told him off and I told him to keep his apology. I decided to block him on everything social. I feel like I made the right decision in the long run but I feel so lonely but it’s not even like we talked that often. It’s so sad how I cling onto the smallest of male attention meanwhile people around me are in long lasting relationships with people who actually like them. I can’t even get a boyfriend. I’m so sad I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of being single & lonely. I want to be loved for once. 😞

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