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Feeling Pain

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I just moved back home from a fantastic city where I felt like I finally had control of my depression and anxiety. And now being back home is just a different feel I came back to help support my little sis. Everybody used to always say how much they missed me back home but now that I’m here nobody really talks to me, not even my own brother when I told him we were back. I can’t explain the feelings that a I have but I can’t sleep, I never really hungry and I don’t have the energy to do anything. Life feels meaningless to me and I feel that I have no purpose.

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hi howsway! I’m sorry that you’re feeling bad. You’re certainly not alone. Change can be hard... and not always what you expect. Hang in there....oh and you do have a purpose

( probably lots of them u don’t even know about yet)... but u said you moved to support your little sister. I think that’s quite a purpose!! Sounds like you’re a caring, thoughtful big bro. She’s lucky to have you!

Sending you a hug and wishing u well!✌️🤗

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Thanks lastnerve. *big sis lol. It’s nice to there’s someone out there that cares.

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I’d be honored to be your big sis (🤣👍🏼). There are lots of people right here that care, and I’m the first in line!

After my divorce ( i live in Colorado), I thought I would move back to my home state ( Michigan). After a few visits back (being divorced)...I realized that nothing there was how it used to be. Even my family was too busy and involved in their own lives to give a rip about me and my pain. So I decided to stay put. I had to build a new life here... right here. ( while dealing with depression, anxiety, and divorce)! ( are ya still with me??)🤣🤣...its hard. I fought it. I pouted, cried, and isolated myself. ( basically quit). One day I just told myself that nobody is gonna come knockin on my door, so I better do something!! It’s hard to put yourself out there! but its the only way. I’m still doing it, and very slowly

( ok a snails pace 🐌🐌)! I’m not gonna be lame and tell u how... cause I don’t know your interests or likes. But please try something! Chat with me about anything. I’ll always listen

( thats what big sisters are for). Wish I could take u out for a burger and a beer... im pretty fun to be around! 🍺🍔.... My name is Linda ( i know, an old lady name)..its nice to meet you!

Now pm or write me back dude! Lets get a plan of attack for you!!

Hugs to you! 😉✌️

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I care! I have stayed home in pain for the biggest part of the last two years. That has caused me a lot of social anxiety. I am trying now to ease into leaving home and getting involved. That is the only way to add purpose to your life. Really!

It seems you have moved for your sister. That is purpose. I fill my days with the I can do at home and I have a hobby that has yielded a little, but some, profit. I make silk florals and homemade cards. Some times I don't feel like doing that, so I don't!

You have to spend your time taking care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and let us know how you are doing.

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Hey Charlee4! Yes I am trying to get out and socialize with more people even though I may not feel like it, it really does help. I am also trying to not overthink things and lower my anxiety by knowing there is better to come and this is not the end of my life but the beginning (I’m 21) and there’s plenty of time to make new beginnings. I try not to live in the past or about how I would change it. So slowly but surely I am feeling better and trying to be patient with myself. Thanks for the love and support ❤️!

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