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I have the best of my heart to give

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I have some love left in my heart. I am sometimes afraid to give it afraid they will taint it. But st that point it is theirs so they are ruining themselves if they misuse it. I don’t trust very easily. For good reason. But I will give out the best of my heart today that I have to those who need it, I pray I will make a difference for someone somehow soon. And if they hurt me I’ll heal. I’d rather have bandages than not share love. Happiness. Peace. With others who may really need it. With all the things I’ve done wrong in my life well I now forgive myself. Because I’m tired of feeling like a disgusting rejected person. I will be a strong beautiful person no matter what the haters do.

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You are a strong, beautiful person. I know because I've read many of your posts! And you have touched me with your love!

Love you back, Lovely Lady!

Ooooooooh I’m so happy that I have touched you with my love, and thank you for your love. ❤️

Listen lady, you are a beautiful person, you have made a difference to me, in the short time I have known you , you really have, I love our daily contact, forgive yourself as others forgive you, love you lots xxx

Hahahaaaaa you told me! Awww so glad to make a difference. You have made a difference to me, you are always so kind and you make my day when I hear from you.

Just loves ya xxxxx

Love 💕 ❤️ love and more 💗 love

just about everyday you make a difference on here you do.i know what you mean though trusting people is hard specially after we have been hurt.once that can be achieved im sure you will find love peace and happiness that we all deserve.

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Thanks Kenster I Think we all have love peace and happiness inside it’s just about triggering them to be made to feel. I think most people deserve these things. Not all.

😚 you're our beautiful star sweetie

Awwwww sweet

You’re so strong! I love this ! 😭 😃 feeling all the emotions for you!

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Omg I needed that compliment. Thank you Hope

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well said ! u are strong !

❤️ thank you

yeah.... the heck with haters..they are just sad pathetic losers that want others to be more miserable than they are....let them stew in their own juices and you stay above it.

(((((((((Fauxartist)))))))) yes, staying above it !!!

I think we have to first love ourselves before we can truly love others. If people are misusing you in any way, love them from afar. Pray for them daily. Tell the Lord God your problem with them, ask him to help them and to help you. Be kind always, and some times bring kind means to love someone from a bit of a distance. Hurt people hurt, so guard your heart for out of the heart flows the issues of life. If you can ignore what they do and portray, love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, long suffering. By all means do so, but if it is a problem put it to prayer until you can get there. And try not to expose yourselves to too much negativity.

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I have repeatedly told you that you are a bright shining light for all! Glad you finally realized it. You have so much to give to everyone. Just let it out and you find that helping others will help you too. It will be a source of joy for years and years to come!

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True helping others helps us. ❤️

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My friend, can I speak to you briefly on my pm?

first you're NOT at all disgusting rejected person. you're damn strong and beautiful person. you're awesome Starrlight.

Trust people, but be cautious, don't let anyone disrupt your peace.

Always there for you :)

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Awww Redfox you touched my heart ❤️ thank you so! You are awesome too! I’m going to have to learn not to let others disrupt my peace. Any tips are welcome. I think I disrupt my own peace too. I get carried away by my imagination and I start believing negative things that probably aren’t true I think. Working on it.

How are you doing?

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Redfox9 in reply to Starrlight

Really i mean it, you're one of the best person i met on this site. I don't have much experience compared to you, but want to give you one advise that make friends, but as soon as you find someone negative who disrupt your peace, start maintaining distance from them.please take care of yourself. :)

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Awww thanks soooooo much my friend. You just made my day! Solid advice.

((((Star))))) You do make a difference in so many of us. You’re so kind and sweet. You light up this site ⭐️ I know every time you comment ((((Maria)))) I grow a big smile. I understand it’s hard to trust people and open your heart. You do open your heart though. To all of us! I LOVE you girl 💜

Love love love ❤️ you too MariaLove! (((((((((Maria)))))))) You make me smile too.

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