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Can't wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel


I miss joy, I miss happiness. I wish I could stop the anxiety and panic. Days on end and still no relief. I write daily of all the positives in my life and also to re read when I need a pick me up. It's hard enough that I rip myself to shreds but to have the people who are supposed to love you treat me like I am stupid or nothing... Trapped is an understatement and if you are a praying person please say some for me today. What I wouldn't do to get back to the strong woman I had been most of my life. I was always the friend that everyone came to when they needed advice or just a hug and kind words to stave off the big bad world. I don't have them anymore. I am just to depressing to be around. I honestly am a happy person but the stress keeps piling and I can't find anything positive to say about myself anymore. Sorry to repeat but if you are a person that prays please send some up for me today. Desperately needing them!!

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Becca245, know that you are not alone. That light is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. We surely find out who are friends really are when going through anxiety/depression. It seems we turn around one day and everyone is gone. But that's okay. You have the strength within yourself to come back full circle and be that strong outgoing person once again. This is just a little detour in your life's journey that you can go around and get back on the straight and narrow.

Joy and happiness are still within your power. "Life will bring you pain all by itself, your responsibility is to create joy" and you will Becca :)

We support you and are with you through this journey. Sending you a virtual hug knowing that we care. xx

Thanks for sharing. I will definitely lift you up in prayer. I know exactly what you saying I miss joy, happiness and self worth. I am working on making some health changes. One day at time

Thank you so much!!! I so needed the encouragement and the validation that it's not just me. How disappointing it is to do exactly that. Turn around one day and poof gone. Truly put perspective on what and who should matter! I am so blessed to have found this group! Thank you again and please know I will definitely pray for anyone that needs me to. That's how I've been surviving! Thank you again!

barb08 in reply to Becca245

Please do keep me in prayer I will put you in my daily prayer time

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barb08 in reply to Becca245

What's your first name. So I can lift your name in prayer

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Hi Becca, i will say a Prayer for you and maybe you would say one for me? I've suffered from Depression/anxiety for many years. My Mum was my Rock and i lost her recently. Life can be hard. Keep your Chin up. Deex

Prayer said for you. I hear your frustration. I know that frustration. It will get better. It comes in waves. You are still strong. You’d have to be to be going through all that you are. Sorry to hear you feel trapped. You don’t need others who treat you badly. I have a tendency to think others are looking down on me when majority of the time it’s in my mind. Do you have support people? Are you practicing something to help you get through the difficulties like meditation,exercise, deep breathing distractions, soothing, art etc

I know things can pile up but try one small thing at a time maybe. And what helps me is taking one day st a time because if I don’t I will worry and worry about the future and set myself up to fail being ok in the present. I wish you happy beautiful moments today! Peace to you.

Becca245 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you Starrlight! Yep I have a variety of things I do coping techniques and try to push myself through the day. I like to think of it like in changing the channel when I find myself going down the negative thought path. Just lately it's been a big challenge and my husband has been laid off from work so money has been the biggest problem within the house. So I try to remember it's only temporary and at some point things can only get better. Everyone here is fantastic and I am very grateful for this page. I wish there was a support group in my area. It is so helpful to get it out without judgement

Starrlight in reply to Becca245

I really love how you change the channel when negative thoughts start!!! I will try it when I am out today. In fact right now I am changing a channel as I was assuming negative things will happen when I go out. Thank you.

My family has financial problems too and it’s so stressful yes. I remind myself to be grateful for any little thing that could be wrong that is not and of all blessings we do have.

Take care. Best to you!!!

I will pray for you X

Beautiful. Thank you Stilltrying!

I am hoping you find peace in yourself to overcome this. Like you say you were once strong, and I have no doubt that you’ve still got that strength. I can relate to how you feel about feeling as if you’re depressing to be around, people who haven’t went through illness just simply don’t understand and expect us to feel and behave a certain way without taking into consideration for a second that we’re really trying our best and cannot help how we feel.

What exactly is it that you’re so stressed about? I imagine that’s taking such a tole on not just your mental but physical health too.

Please remember you’re never going through these things alone, there are people everywhere who want to help you, including myself.

I wish you all the best.

Saying a prayer for you dear Becca and sending you a hug. You are definitely not along. I am right there with you. We have to support each other. It always gets better. I am having a hard time seeing that right now though.

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