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Anxiety depression

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I need answers!!! Everyday it feel like I can’t take a deep breath my fatigue always low feel like I can’t breathe when I eat it get worser my chest always tight feel like I can’t get a deep breathe been to 4 different hospitals blood work xray everything coming back normal but I feel like I’m dying I really needed answer I even been to my primary doctor and they don’t see nothing wrong? I catch my self taking a deep breath every 5 mins but it’s like I’m gasping for air! And keep having chest pains.

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Hi! I feel exactly the way that u do for over a year now I think it would be best for us to visit a psychiatrist since I still don't know the answer to all the symptoms that I've been feeling maybe a psychiatrist can help a lot.

Does they say it’s anxiery? And does it get woser wen you eat?

Yes my doctor said it's anxiety and it also gets worse after I eat i feel like my throat gets tight.

Man feeling the same smh I thought I had acid reflux but the medicine don’t work at all.

I get how you feel

I'm sorry that you're struggling with this right now. If you haven't already, it sounds like scheduling an appointment with a therapist would be the next logical route. Anxiety can be debilitating and certainly can make you feel like you're dying sometimes. In the mean time, do something you find relaxing and maybe take note of triggers, anything you're doing before you get these feelings.. Take care.

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