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another sad teenager

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sooooooooooo hey. I'm yet another sad teenager.

so whats the tea? well, i have no one to talk too and i don't freaking open up to my friends nor my family, cuz they're all untrustworthy and shez.

these friends of mine, (i dont even know why i am still calling them friends when they treat me like not a friend.. well maybe thats because i have no friends hAh)

who are fake as fck, they're only there for me when i have so cake to give out and a party to call, They Never EVER asks how am i on chat on daily basis life, while i.. (iiiii i was the lonely oneee) I always make an effort for our friendships, ALways the one.. who ever cared, who is the first one to greet them on their bday, 1st liker, and so much effort that wasn't appriciated at all..... and They talk bout me at their back, welp whats new?

and you know what hurts the most? when i message them while theyre online chatting with their friends on twitter and ig and Not replying to my msgs... Completely ignoring me, i dont know why are they like that, but man, it Hurts like hell.... it hurts to know i'll never have best friends and friends and group goals like they all have... i feel sad, and unimportant. whenever i meet them i feel like an outcast... maybe because im over acting like i am now, thats why no one likes me..

thats why i think if i ever vanished.. no one would care, they all wouldnt care. and no one would go to my funeral, and fyi no one even remembers my bday unless facebook reminds them.. they all wouldn't care, cuz yet i am just another sad teenager. - s

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I never remember my friends birthday unless Facebook tells me im just bad with remembering that stuff, and seriously these people are not your friends obvi,so find new ones

i guess i am just a sentimental, and i tried to find new ones.. but turns out to be just like the old ones.. it is actually hard to find true friends these days.

It's almost impossible

Feeling lonely and left out is very hard but it is also temporary. You can find new friends who are trustworthy. Don't give up. It is about to be a New Year with a fresh start and new possibilities. Keep your eyes and heart open to new things and new relationships.

I removed my birthday from FB, and few of my friends still messaged me. Actually quality matters not quantity.

And even when no one's wishing me, am fine with that. Start to love yourself, if you will be affected by people's reaction then it will become difficult.

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