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End of treatment

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Last day of “brain games” as my son calls them. The clinical neurologist psychologist and he are wrapping it up today. He is still fighting through many emotions but seems to be very clear at what is making him anxious, depressed, and/or angry. He saw a new psychiatrist who prescribed different meds and he refused them and doesn’t want to go back to her. I have convinced him to go to one more therapy session with a different therapist who came highly recommended for young adults and he agreed to one and only one session. He is very stubborn and most times I feel like I am dealing with a toddler again. But - the good news is he is. It laying in bed when he feels horrible. He is pushing through which is definitely progress.

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My mom went through the same thing...with me. I never followed up with more therapy and refused the SSRIs prescribed.

Adolescents never think very far ahead and think they can handle anything. They also refuse to think they have any real issues. At least that was my mindset.

All they want is to fit in...to be the same...to conform.

Let him know...I have been there and know where he is coming from.

I'm 48 and started therapy 2 months ago. I regret all the years I lost thinking I had it under control.

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Wow - glad you are going now though. He is 22 and was never this stubborn. He says “talk therapy” makes him feel worse about himself. Is that how you were too?

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I didn't think it was doing any good. It was a waste of time.

At 22, I had a lot going on so my time...and my mind, was occupied.

At 29 I took a job that consumed my time, and me, for 19 years.

I resigned in September. I had to face my reality. I am going to try and get my "issues" under control...manageable if I can.

I was unhappy all those years...at the same time I raised a great son...held a job...and seemed to have it together.

Only I knew.

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That’s a long time to hide your feelings. Glad you are dealing with things now. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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Hiding the truth is exhausting.

The term is hidden depression.

Good luck with your son!

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Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck with everything. So happy you are on the journey of truth.

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There was a post the other day about Why Men Suffer In Silence.

Things are getting better. I had a great Mom.

So does your son.

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Aww! Very sweet of you! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

Sorry about all the typos.

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