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Struggling to stay positive

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I just can't stay positive. Try as I might, the terrible thoughts keep creeping into my head. I've been trying to meditate, and it helps, but it's only temporary. I just can't manage to get through a day without feeling terrible. The negativity interferes with every aspect of my life. I'm behind in my school work because I can't focus. I end up just crawling into bed and sleeping the day away. I sleep more than anything else and I have no idea on how to beat this vicious cycle. I'm in counseling, but I can only go for a couple of weeks because my therapist is through my college and the office is overbooked and under funded (but hey, we sent our basketball team to Ireland a few weeks back!). I don't know. How do you all stay positive when dealing with depression?

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Hi Carno,

You sound a lot like me except I’m older.

It’s good that you meditate. Keep doing it daily and also try deep breathing. As much as you want to sleep all day force yourself to get up at least for a little while. If you don’t your muscles will get weak and painful. I know this from experience. Get some exercise as it will make you feel better. Also understand that while you feel awful there is nothing physically wrong. Your brain has become wired to act in an anxious manner. This can be undone. Read anything by Claire Weekes. Therapy is also important. It sucks that your school therapy is limited. Maybe they can suggest someone for you to work with outside of school. Lastly don’t give up. You can get better. It’s not an easy road but everyone can get better if they do the right work. I wish you a rapid and successful recovery and know there are a lot of caring people on this site that genuinely care about your wellbeing.

Sorry you’re having a tough time . Sadly, your point about college funded b-ball trip to Ireland is spot-on. As for what works for me, I’m currently an inpatient on psych ward and I just forced myself to go on exercise bike for 1/2 hour and it really made a difference from how I was feeling this morning. That , the folks here treating me , and also this forum , are all so wonderful. I’m not meaning to oversimplify what depression takes to treat , but breaking a sweat and triggering release of endorphins can be long as you’re physically able , there’s nothing to lose in giving a shot.

When the lead attending psychiatrist here tells you that if they could write a script for exercise , they would, then that is saying something. Essentially , the person prescribing all kinds of drugs all day long is saying this can be as effective as meds, or perhaps more so.

My heart aches hearing the pain in this message. I struggled with depression for over 25 years so completely understand how the negativity can bombard your brain. Glad to hear you are in therapy. The only thing that helped me over come the thought processes where retraining my brain into thinking on Biblical scripture. There was also a very helpful book Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. I pray you don’t stop fighting this battle and that you succeed. -Rachel

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