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Fear of Throwing Up

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This past spring, I had terrible food poisoning while traveling abroad in Italy. It was seafood and I have never been so sick before- I probably should've gone to the hospital.

Afterwards, it didn't affect me too much.

Starting in August, I've randomly been having nausea and other symptoms that my doctor's can't figure out why it's happening, or what food is causing it.

That, along with it being flu season- has caused me extreme anxiety when I don't feel well at night. I'm diagnosed with anxiety and have had panic attacks before, but this is unlike any of those. I'm getting leg tremors and I stutter and I can't stop crying (which of course, makes me feel more sick).

Now, I'm terrified to fall asleep at night because I dont want to wake up in the middle of the night and throw up, especially because our bathroom is upstairs from our room on the opposite side of the house and I don't think I'd make it there in time.

I'm exhausted and it's affecting my personal life and my work life.

6 Replies
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After having been drunk and throwing up all around everywhere not only I dont fear it, I dont care. I often would drink, realize I have drunk too much, go make myself throw up, go back.

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when I was young I got violently ill after eating some bad food. After that, for years, I had horrible fears of throwing up, and then germs that might give me the flu. After so many years, of pain and anguish and the torture I put myself through. I came to the conclusion, no matter what I did, there was going be some times that I'd get sick no matter how careful I was. Once I excepted the fact, my fears went away. I just made peace with it.

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Hey_hi_hello in reply to dore13

I'm trying so hard to accept it, but then when I don't feel well at night, it's like hell is unleashed in my mind. I go through all of these steps like "If I'm sick, it's my body getting rid of the sickness" or "The time I got that sick was a fluke and if it's the flu, I'll feel better once I throw up", etc- but it's like I can't grasp that reality at all in this state of terror

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dore13 in reply to Hey_hi_hello

I hear you! I fought this in my mind for years. I wish I had some special advice that could help but I don't. It is terrible, because I started getting super paranoid worrying about every little thing I felt. Sometimes I wonder if I excepted it , or just got too tired to fight and get worked up over it. I do have one thing that helped me, I got my panic attacks under control, I stopped them. Maybe that was a key factor, everyone is different and that is what makes it so hard to pin down. I read on how to stop panic attacks, and slowly got control. Maybe there are some free apps that can help, there are ones on panic, anxiety, mindfulness. When I first started reading about techniques, I was mad because I thought it would be impossible to try any of things when I was filled with terror, but they did work, slowly. It might be good to see a therapist to help with this too. Different things work for different people. There is also an online support group and you can talk with people who have similar issues. It is the DBSA (The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) I hope one of my suggestions can help, because I know how terrible it is. I wish you luck.

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Hi Hey_hi_hello

And hello again 🙂

Couple of things crossed my mind, on a practical level would taking a bowl to keep by the side of your bed maybe help to take the anxiety you have about reaching the bathroom?

I know that isn’t ‘the answer’ but small steps...

Also, anxiety can have physical symptoms that we may not think are caused by it (speaking from experience) and nausea is one of them. Have you ever seen a doctor / therapist about it? It might help.

I empathise with you because I’m currently dealing with insomnia caused by anxiety and it is horrible, and yes it affects other parts of your life. I spent yesterday feeling (and being) sick after a stressful two weeks during which I’ve been getting about 3 hours a night. It just caught up with me and I needed a ‘me day’.

Have you tried all of the ‘sleep hygiene’ stuff, like no screens, caffeine, alcohol etc. Maybe mindfulness or relaxation techniques? None of these have ‘cured’ me but I get some help from them.

Good luck, I hope you find some answers.


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I'm extremely emetphobic so I understand your fears. Since the fear began due to being so sick have you thought about getting some therapy for it? It may help you overcome at least some of the fear and maybe give you some coping skills.

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