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Heartbeats and Anxiety


As a generally anxious person I check my heart rate allot! I would like to know if there are others out there who do the same and what their results were like.

I’m 26 years old and my heart would race up to 180bpm sometimes. Is that normal for someone with anxiety?

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Hi! Does your heart rate accelerate often? I used to have the same thing, I don't remember how high mine would go, but they put me on a heart monitor for two months. My doctor concluded that it was just due to my anxiety and so we focused on treating that. Every person experiences anxiety different, if I were in your position I would talk to your doctor about it just for reassurance. You are doing the right thing and reaching out because I remember how terrified I was from experiencing that! I hope everything goes well for you and you find out whats going on.

While I’m resting or in bed it is fine, but when I get up quickly or maybe walk up some stairs it hikes up pretty high. I’ve spoke to doctors who believe it is just anxiety but when it’s happening it’s hard to think of it that way

Hey, I can definitely relate. My anxiety stems from a heart issue that my dad has. He is at risk for going into sudden cardiac arrest. I was diagnosed with tachycardia in my teens but it’s been very controlled up until last year when my panic attacks started. I have a BP cuff and pulse ox with me at all times. I’m obsessed with checking it all day long.. most days I don’t leave my couch and if I have to leave the house you can get that they are with me. When I wake up in the mornings my heart rate will soar to the 180s. I’ve wore countless heart monitors and they’ve all told me everything is normal and I am just so anxious. I’m not on any antidepressants right now because the risks of side effects bother me, so I’ve been trying to fight this on my own.. and I’m not winning. It’s tough! But you are definitely NOT ALONE!

Thank you for that! So even though the doctors say that your heart is normal you still feel you may have what your dad has?

And I’m not sure if you’ve looked into CBD oils but I heard it is helpful.

Also, I’m on a medication called Propanalol that is pretty helpful keeping my heart under control with little to no side effects. The only think is that I heard it may be hard to ween off of.

Yes, I’m still convinced I have the same thing! I actually was using CBD oil until recently when I had a scope done and my stomach and everything is really inflamed (from anxiety) so I had to quit using it for a little while. I am on bisoprolol which actually keeps my heart rate really low during the day. It’s still these morning spells I’m having problems with.

Your not alone.. my pulse will get to 145 when I get up.. I went to cardiologist and he said there is nothing wrong to drink 100oz of water a day and relax... which I can’t do so I’m drinking water and going with it. I have severe panic disorder so I’m sure it’s just anxiety related 😞 it’s sucks I know

How long has this been going on for you?

A few months now.. always worse in morning not bad when laying day. Knowing the numbers makes my anxiety much worse. I had to stop checking it and like the dr said what is checking it constantly going to do anyway? Which I guess he has a point.

Ps my best friend is a primary doctor and she said even if our hearts are beating at 150 nothing is going to happen. If it’s just anxiety induced or sinus tachycardia which is what they said I have. Heart beats fast but normal

But it just worries me that if my heart beats fast all the time it would eventually, weaken it, or effect me in some way.

But my doctor said the same thing. My heart just might beat naturally fast.

I know I worry too but bc of my worrying I have a whole lot of other symptoms that don’t add up to anything but my anxiety doing it to me.

Yea it’s the worse, but I am happy that I’m not alone in this.

I used to do that too. I would check my bp, heart rate and oxygen levels. Trust me it only makes it worse. I would try to stop doing that. I remember having my normal multiple symptoms and I would do that and have a major panic attack and it made things so much worse. I wish you all the best. I really know how much this sucks.

Thank you! I will deff try to stop looking at it

Hey, I do that all of the time. But I don’t have anything that can test it. I always just put my hand on my heart and feel how fast it’s beating. I hope a constantly fast beating heart isn’t bad for ones health.

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It’s probably anxiety. You are freaking yourself out every time you do that. It becomes a trigger. Adrenaline is released and your heart rate shoots up

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