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I'm aging lol


19 today, Thank you all who have helped Me thus far, it all means a lot. I've really struggled through a lot and much of it, I didn't post to here. But, I'm in my worst stage now. And I don't know if this is the final stage or not. How much longer do I have? But, it's my birthday. I'm going through a situation and I personally feel like I shouldn't be feeling like this today. I wish none of the events that happened to me or any of the feelings I've had on anyone else. No one deserves this horror movie style of life I am living right now. Keep me in your prayers please....I'm afraid for my life....but I'm gonna do my best to enjoy today and figure out what happens next... it's my birthday so....

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So old i could have sworn i saw a few grey hair lol jk, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🦉🦉🦉🦉 i found an owl emoji lol

Happy birthday

Thank you


Happy Birthday! Wishing you a safe and better future.

At 19, you've only just begun to live.

Best wishes on your special day. :) x

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