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Giving myself a reward!

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My therapist has me trying a reward system for myself and my goal this week was to really go through with the acupuncture session and not let my health anxiety win! And I did! Soo today I am rewarding myself with a good drive to a town over to go to a book store I like! I know it sounds dorky but I just love a new book! With all the technology these days I rarely buy a real book! So I m going to first enjoy the drive through all the pretty fall colors and then enjoy walking around the lovely smell of books!!!!!!! Sometimes I think giving ourselves a special treat can really make a difference! Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!

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always nice to give yourself little rewards for doing better and sticking to a plan.hope you got a nice book as well.mine would have been a big bar of chocolate.

Great stuff, and I agree :) x

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That’s lovely!!

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Oh I love treats...😊 this is a great idea 😊🌺

I hope you got a really good book! I recently signed up for a library card and I'm trying to get back into reading, too 😄

This is awesome! I hope you enjoyed your well deserved treat day!!! You deserve it!!

Hope you are well friend, positive vibes out to you!

I got so many awesome books!!!! It was a great day!

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