Driving myself nuts

I feel I drive myself nuts and make myself worse than I need to ive been getting ovary pain and i also have pain in my leg and knee so my health anxiety have gone through the roof so now I automatically think ive got some sort of cancer.im so angry at myself as i know i haven't but im letting my mind convince me I am I know it sounds stupid but 10 years ago this month i lost my mum to pancreatic cancer and ever since every niggle or pain i have i automatically think ive got something lifethreatning.its stupid i know i hate having this it drags me down i went to my doctors yesterday and i told him about my pain he didnt even check it he changed the subject whenever I mentioned it which was sad because now im worrying i case i do have something and he never even checked it out.probably because he knows im being silly i dont know anyone else who suffers with it. Does anyone else suffer with this.

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  • why not go see a doctor to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve? Why suffer needlessly?

  • I actually have some of the same issues. I've been having lower abdominal pain for some years now, and my health anxiety always seems to get the best of me. I couple years ago I had my first abnormal pap, that was a shock and sent me into a sprial... i had a biopsy and everything which scared the bejeezus out of me... i have had a negative pap ever since but I'm still worried sick everytime I go in... recently I decided to ask my Dr about the lower abdominal pain... he said I think it's just ovulation but let's get a sono just to make sure... well turns out, I have an ovarian cyst... so it's reasonable to think I've had several over the years... Maybe you need to seek out help from the dr... Maybe yours can order a sono as well and that will help ease your mind a little. I'm struggling right now with taking medicine, I have anxiety meds but too scared to take them because I'm afraid of an anaphalactic reaction. If there's one thing I know about its health anxiety, so please feel free to reach out if you need anything.

  • Thanks for that honey ive not had any pain for a few days so will have it checked the minute it starts again i get so upset though with my health anxiety as i think every pain i have is something serious and its scary my dr has upped my anti depressants from 75mgto 300mg to help me feel better in myself xxx

  • Health anxiety is definitely a scary thing and it's so much different than hypochondriac which is what most people think of. But what a hypochondriac doesn't have is the amount of fear and anxiety and panic that comes along with health anxiety. They just think that something's wrong with them always or they always have some sort of disease.

  • Yes thats so true its not very nice at all cuz u constantly battle with youraelf like me im forever having hot sweats without warning anf my mind goes into overdrive me thinking the worst and think im dying.wen i do this my husband gets frustrated with me and says stop it theres notbing wrong with u!! I know that but i need to convince my mind thats what it is

  • Sometimes trying to convince ourselves is the hardest thing to do.

  • I think how you feel is normal. Since your Mom had ovarian cancer and has passed from it, your only be concerned that you might get it as well. I think anxiety isn't helping the situation but try not to be so hard on yourself. I think regular doctor check ups are good so you know you are okay. I feel bad that anxiety has got the best of you. I know you can work through this. I just went through something a little similar health wise and I'm done beating myself up for it. I know in the end it will be okay. You aren't alone with how you feel. There are a lot of people who fear being sick and not knowing what will happen. I wish you the best.

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