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Needing prayers for depression and anxiety


Please pray for me to overcome anxiety depression and PTSD and physical pain and physical illness please heal me lord right now cover me with your blood and Jesus name my boys need me and I want to live and not die I need a miracle in my life right now

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Praying for you dear Tamka39. I have been where you have been. The good Lord above saved me. I pray I never get that low again but living with depression, anxiety and PTST is a daily struggle for me. Just remember to take deep breaths and one baby step at a time. You need to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy foods, go for a walk, do deep breathing exercises. I know though when you are depressed even doing one thing is often impossible. There are days when all I can manage to do is take a shower and make myself presentable. I will never ever hurt myself because I have a precious daughter that needs me here for her. Some days when it gets so bad though I just wish I could go to sleep and not wake up and go to heaven. I know that is awful, that is the depression thinking not truly me. We are not our depression or ptsd. Do some affirmations to lift yourself up. Say to yourself: I am worthy, I am strong, I am God's child, I am confident, I am beautiful. Say it every day because our minds sometimes try to trick us into believing otherwise. Please know that you are not alone and this forum is the place to let it out and be lifted up by others who get it. Sending you a hug.

Do u take medication for mental illness? Or God have totally healed u? Is hard for me to walk out the front door I have no motivation or any energy and I can’t sleep

I do take many medications. I take vibryd for depression as well as Lamotrigine. Finding the right medication is not easy but well worth the effort. A pill cannot fix everything. I have a lot of stressors in my life and I realize my marriage is a huge part of my depression. But the medication helps to mostly keep me in balance. I also have to be vigilant about taking care of myself. I can binge eat when I am depressed. I have to work very hard to try to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and exercise. I went for a long walk today and it helped me a lot. I was severely depressed this last weekend. I had a nervous breakdown a few months ago and did outpatient day therapy in a group session. It helped me a lot to learn coping strategies I can use. I learned I have PTSD at that time and they taught me grounding techniques. You can google it I know I won't explain it well. It takes a lot of practice using grounding techniques for PTSD and I haven't mastered it yet. When my PTSD gets bad I wear a necklace with a big pendant on it and physically touch it and remind myself to bring myself back to the present and remind myself what I am thinking about was something that happened in the past not now and I try to think positive thoughts to get my mind back to the present. There are other grounding techniques so if you google it you might find one that works for you. I have battled with depression and anxiety my whole life. I am 47 and it is the worse it has ever been. I have read that perimenopause can make it much worse and I think that may be part of why it has been so bad for me lately. I encourage you to see a psychiatrist if you can. There is no magic pill but medication can help so much.

I also take clonazapam only when necessary for panic attacks. It helps calm me down. But I try not to take it too often only when it is really a bad panic attack.

Do u still have panic attacks

Not too often. When I get very overwhelmed and my anxiety gets out of control I have a panic attack and then I take the clonazapam. I have other friends who say xanac helps them the same way. I know the clonazapam does not work as well if it is taken too often so I really only take it when I need it. I can go months without needing it and then all of a sudden I have a panic attack. For a while I did not want to take it fearing independence on it but now I am comfortable with it when I need it. One doctor had me taking it every night before bedtime and my current doctor said that is not good as you can get dependent on it and it stops working if taken all the time. I was on a low dose thankfully so it was not a problem weaning off it. We have reintroduced it only for the panic when it happens which thankfully is not as often.

How bad do your panic attacks get when u have them I remember having them daily running to the E.R. Every time thinking I was dying is good u know how to relax when u have one my anxiety is through the roof

I cannot breath, can't stop crying and my chest hurts. I don't want to leave the house. Deep breathing exercises can help a lot but you have to do deep tummy breaths and it takes some practice. Not exactly easy to do when you are in the midst of a panic attack either. The Vibryd also helps with my anxiety. Its in the ssri family I think. Do you take any medications currently?

I have been on a lot of ssri medications. They take a while to fully take effect though and you have to build up your dose slowly. Some of the side effects have bothered me. I was on zoloft for almost a year last year and I was so depressed and couldn't stop crying. I did not realize the medication just didn't agree with me. So you definitely have to pay close attention to how you are feeling and side affects and talk very openly with your doctor. Once I switched to Vibryd the majority of my crying spells stopped. All medications affect everyone differently though. What works for one may not work for another and vice versa.

I go from feeling ok to feeling so depressed and anxious off balance disconnected numb dizzy lightheaded it feels like I never gets a break feels like something is always wrong with me and I never get a break

I wonder if you might have some vertigo with the dizziness. I have heard vertigo can cause panic attacks and feeling off balance. Have either of your ears been bothering you or do you feel like you have had an ear infection in one of them lately. I would bring this up to your psychiatrist when you are they. He will probably tell you to see an ENT or your regular doctor but it is worth considering based on your symptoms. I have a friend who had a vertigo attack when she was driving and she lost control of the car a little bit. It caused her a huge panic attack.

Clonazapam can also help with vertigo. I am not sure if xanax does or not. I know there are also other medications that can help with vertigo also. See what your doctor recommends.

Also there is a test that some psychiatrist offices offer called a Genesight test. They take a swab from the inside of your cheek and send it to a lab. It is kind of expensive though and insurance usually does not cover it. But the company that administers it puts a cap of $300 for your out of pocket cost. They try to bill your insurance and put through a ridiculous amount like $2,000. My insurance denied it saying it was not medically necessary. I first did it for my daughter because we had an awful time finding the right medications for her. Then a couple of years later I did it for myself because I was at my wits end. Sure enough zoloft was one of the medications shown not to agree with my body so I do think there is some merit to the test.

Did they end up finding the right medication for your daughter? And Zoloft was the only medication that didn’t work for you

Sorry to hear about your friend, I had ear problems seen was a kid they wanted to put tubes in my ears but my mom said no I keep ear infection and one time I was traveling from Tennessee to flint and my ear pop like when u on a airplane and the doctor was shocked I never been on a airplane and I keep ear infection and I seen a ENT a couple of months ago and found out my left ear was blocked with wax and he want to do a hearing test on me and I go back to see ENT on November 12th I been researching vertigo because I have anxiety so everything alert 🚨 me I think is more like health anxiety u the first person who ever said something about vertigo

Definitely look into your ears. I have tinnitus which is a slight ringing in the ears. Last year I had a problem in my left ear that caused me some vertigo. I went to the ENT to have it checked out and he also did a hearing test. I definitely had some kind of infection in that ear that passed. He did a hearing test on me and I had a slight hearing loss in that ear. I had to do ear pops like you said when you are on an airplane daily for 3 months then go back and get my hearing tested again. The second time my hearing was normal so thank goodness it was not anything permanent.

It could really have a lot to do with vertigo I think.

U had to do ear pop? Daily for 3 months? How bad was your vertigo? And did the ENT said u had vertigo? And how did u make u feel and is it gone ?

I don't think I had a severe case. Actually it was not the ENT that caught the vertigo. I had to go to urgent care because I was not feeling right. They asked me my symptoms and I ended up having strep. But because I was also feeling dizzy and off balance they also diagnosed vertigo and gave me medication which I am pretty sure was either clonazapam or lorazepam. Then I followed up with my ENT about my ears and he said my one ear was very clogged and he could see it was recovering from an infection. He said that could definitely cause vertigo. The ear pops were mostly for the loss of hearing in my ear. I thought he was nuts when he told me to do it but I guess it was to help clear the pressure in my ear. Sure enough when I went back for my hearing test my hearing was fine.

How do u do ear pop? I have to look into it

Well I am not sure I am describing it right. You know that feeling when you are on a plane and your ears get full. Yawning or chewing gum makes it better. But also if you hold your nose and try to blow air out. It makes you ears better. You could try it and see if it helps. Doesn't cost anything :-)

I just watched something on YouTube and it said don’t hold your nose and blow it said yawning helps chewing gum

Do your friend take medication for vertigo ?

I have not talked to her in a long time so I do not know. I think she might take something for panic attacks because I do remember her saying she suffered from panic attacks in general.

Am just scared I have a lot of things already wrong with me like depression anxiety and PTSD physical pain physical illness and i might have vertigo am just praying God heal me from everything both of my sons our going through something and I want to be healed to take care of them and I want to be free and happy and travel the world 🌎

I feel so lost right now like I want to give up

Don't give up. Try to get a good nights sleep. I take some melatonin to help me sleep. I used to take ambien but I had to keep taking more and more. My doctor didn't want me on it anymore. The melatonin just doesn't work as fast as the ambien did.

A warm cup of tea or milk before bed helps me sleep too.

I have Trazodone but 200 mg is a lot

I stop drinking alcohol to start taking Prozac and was taking it for 2 weeks and started to have terrible side effects from the antidepressant so I had to stop taking is I use to self medicate myself with alcohol for years to numb my anxiety and depression and PTSD since a been sober for a month I been feeling everything I been trying to cover over my psychiatrist gave me Xanax 1mg 3x daily but I only take it when I really need it Trazodone 200 mg but I think is to much for me to take so am

Scared to take it so am here struggling and am praying for healing and waiting on a miracle I don’t want to give up because my son need me to help him and my other son heart has been brothing him his heart beats been 54 and they been sending him to heart doctors and am worried about him too

It is hard to find the right combination of medicines. You need to really tell your doctor what you think of the medicines. Unfortunately it is trial and error most of the time and it can take a while to find the right "cocktail of medicines." It is very frustrating and I totally know how you are feeling. I understand about the alcohol. I think a lot of us with depression and anxiety have tried using it at some point to help with the anxiety and depression. I have found that for me alcohol tends to make my anxiety and depression worse the next day even if it is helping me at the moment. So I only usually have a glass of wine maybe once or twice a month. I don't really crave it that much.

It definitely makes my anxiety and depression worse that’s why I have to drink everyday

Hopefully if you get your medications right you won't feel the need for it anymore. I pray you get some help from your doctor and reliev very soon. I know it is so very hard.

Yes is hard especially if I end up having vertigo because I just learning about it

So your vertigo is healed and gone now

For now yes. It is something that can come and go I think. My mother in law had it for a period of time too but I don't remember all the specifics. My mother in law is sort of a doctors favorite patient. She has all kinds of things wrong. Aches and pains everywhere. I don't mean to be funny about it. I love her dearly. Over the past 20 years she has battled with so much.

Sorry to hear that so vertigo don’t brother you no more

I see my psychiatrist this week am praying I don’t have a nervous breakdown am under a lot of stress right now my 19 year old is sick with Crohn’s disease and always be in pain and he been talking about giving up am been struggling since 8 years old and am 41 and am still struggling today I praying so hard to be free from depression anxiety and PTSD and physical illness and physical pain I want to be the best mom I can be I don’t have energy or no motivation to do anything and is making me more depressed

You do the best you can at the moment. Baby steps. Do only what needs to absolutely be done until you see your doctor. Sometimes we just need to try and rest a bit. You have huge stressors in your life and need some relief. Medication can help get you over the hurdle. I am glad you have your appointment set up. Praying for you and your son.

Thank you am just tired of everything

I know, I hope me rambling on and telling you all this does not cause you more of a headache and anxiety. I try to share what I have learned in case it helps someone else. I just know how frustrating is when you are not feeling good. You have to be assertive with your doctors sometimes to get them to take you seriously.

You’re helping me

Prayers and positive vibes to you!!! Hope that you have relief and healing. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Tamka39 in reply to Dogmom55

Thank you

John 14:27 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 I pray for self healing everyday “for my childrens sake” I pray for your self healing! May you wake up tomorrow morning full of life and all the love and laughter your heart and hands can hold. I’m here if you ever need to chat ok.

I am praying for you Tamka39 ! I love it that you are reaching out for prayer! We all need to support each other and carry each other's burden. Have you been to counseling? That can be a huge help with PTSD. It helped my daughter although she still has rough days. She is also on medication that helps her. She finds that she has to really stay in the Bible and read the Word to help. I think our bodies need support physically, emotionally, and spiritually! You are a wise woman to cry out to Jesus and ask him to be near! He helps us walk through dark times. Sometimes, we don't get the exact healing we want and I think we just won't understand on this side of heaven, but always always He gives us HOPE. Here are some articles that might encourage you "Looking up from the Stubborn Darkness." Our suffering can be a blessing in that it shows us our desperate need for Jesus. Let us know how you are doing! Keep checking in!

Praying for you!


Tamka39, I'm praying for you right now. I wish you peace.

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