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I tried Ambien last night but ended up sleeping Saturday away. But in a way its good I'm up now cause I start a noc shift at an assisted living care facility in a few days!! Guess ill just use the next few nights to adjust to working nights. I have epilepsy so getting sleep is a necessity. If I don't sleep ill have a seizure. Not fun. Not going to take Ambien again cause it knocked me out all day! Hope everyone is sleeping good out there! Have a blessed Sunday💗💗

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So you got the job! Congrstulation! And good luck. Wish you well.

Thank you so much!! Thanks for the wishes! I hope it all goes good. I start Thursday after orientation!!! So nervous. Anxiety is getting worse each day😬 How are you??

I'm doing ok. I need to start looking for a job but in just so burnt out not motivated. I got laid off in Feb. Then got a job that was horrible after 2 weeks I quit then got another job I loved but it was a temp job lasted 2 months. Just not feeling the need to look and get disappointed again. I'm 58 so still got a few years to work but just not in the mood. Luckily my husband still working but soon his company is moving out if state. Whatever we will survive it just sucks we worked hard all our lives and now that we are older it should be easier but it's not. Things could always be worse.

I really hope your job is a good thing for you and all goes well. It will be a challenge and tough at first it always is with anyone starting a new job but don't get discouraged.

It is a beautiful fall day here chilly but the sun is bright. Not looking forward to getting dark at 4 with the time change though.

I know your dog is not with you anymore but she is gorgeous. I've had 2 German shepherds and they were the best

. Take care and again good luck I will be thinking of you thursday

Hi, I totally understand what you mean. I had no motivation either. I only applied to this company cause it was my only hope. Oh thankfully your husband still works. I don't have that luck. Iv e only got just disability to survive on. Never been married so life is near impossible and filled with pain. Where's your husbands company moving to? I know you would think getting older would be easier. Why is life so hard all the time?? Yea its going to be super tough working NOC shift cause if I don't sleep I won't be able to ride my stupid scooter to work. Then ill lose my job. I feel as if God constantly curses me!!! Just got my license after 2 years and now Utah needs a Drs approval saying I can drive. Need it sent back by 70 days or I'm denied to drive!!! Dammit to hell!!! I can't see my Dr until the end of February. Now once again I can't drive. I will anyways cause their is no buses here. So what state do you live in? Yea it sure gets dark early!! Ugh. Oh I wish that dog was mine but I came across this guy in a video. Thought it was too funny with that tongue sticking out!! Love shepherds!! Best breed ever!! Thanks for responding. I appreciate the well wishes!!!! Have a blessed night!!!😄💗😊

O I thought that was your dog cheyenne?

Yeah life seems to have so many obstacles. Could you maybe call your dr. And have him send you the note so you could get your lisence?

I live in ct. And the company is moving to NJ.

Oh Cheyenne ill probably put back up cause I love her so much. Its hard to see her pic sometimes cause I just cry missing her so much!! Its crazy here cause that letter came yesterday but license finally came today a few hours ago. Letter says the Drs signature is needed on the form in 70 days or driving priveledges are denied!!! How stupid but now terrified I'm going to be denied again and again and again! I can't seem to ever win in life!! Sick of living to be honest!!!😭😭😭 Never even seen pics of CT. Must be beautiful!! Will you be moving to NJ??

Ok the dog in the pic now is my SWEET Cheyenne💗💗💗💗

O yes there she is! I do remember her.

Yea she was the best dog but mostly my very best friend💗💗😄 Still say good morning and good night to her pic next to my bed!! Even tho I lost her 7 years ago. She means the world to me💗💗

No way NJ ugly and expensive

Oh seriously!! I didn't know that. I thought ppl loved it cause everybody seems to live on the east coast! Still haven't met anyone on here that lives on the west coast!

I lived in ca when I was a kid

Oh ok that's cool. Only been there once as a kid to Disneyland. Is east coast better?? It must be cause there's so many ppl living on the east coast. Ill tell ya Utah sucks big time!!! As soon as I can ill be headed back to Las Vegas!!!!

I'm off to bed cause I'm freezing and just tired from sleeping pills. I keep yawning. Hugs my friend!! Have a very blessed evening😄💗 Nice chatting with you!

❤️ love you!



Hey there beautiful you! I'm so happy you got the job, congratulations to you! You are going to be great at it, I just know it! I love you so much! Peace, light, joy & hugs!

lovedogs51511 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Lisa!! I hope ill at least be ok. Love you bunches 💗💗 ✌, joy, happiness and prayers!!

lovedogs..... :) xx Just because!

lovedogs51511 in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora1!!!

Congrats on the job 🎉🎉 clever girl ! That's amazing news and so pleased for you. I love how motivated you are and it's very refreshing to hear good news for a change.

Not going to say ' good luck ', as I don't believe you need it - being yourself is all.

Will say ENJOY and hope you love it .....

Shadow x

Thank you shadow123!!! I hope to be at least good enough to keep job. Lol. Hope to love it too! Just nervous about adjusting to NOC shift. It will take a few days but hope it all works out!

We'll all be thinking of you with love 🌻🌻🌻xx

I have been on Ambien for years. It is my only way to sleep. Transitioning to an overnight shift is hard. I could never do it. Congrats on the job.

Thank you! Yea that Ambien 5 mg knocked me out for a whole day. I love how well it works too. Working noc shift is going to be tough for sure! Hope it all works out for the good. Praying for no seizures too. No sleep causes seizures so I'm pretty scared I won't be able to sleep. Hope you have a great night!!😄😊😂😎

Good morning love dogs been thinking of you and how you making out with the job.

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