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Is this part of the grieving stage??


I don't believe she's past. I keep thinking she's not gone and I'll wake up but I know in my heart she is. Why can't I just believe she's gone? Will going to the funeral Sat. And Sun. help me believe she's gone???? I'm a little scared to go, cause that will make it real and I know the news will try something and our family doesn't have the time to deal with them. I don't care to go off on them honestly... I just, I really don't know what to do anymore...


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Denial is definitely part of the grieving stage. I’ve never been through this myself but I can only imagine. Stay strong and know that whatever you’re feeling is ok

Thank u ☺, I'll try to stay strong

Hi your reactions are totally normal so don't worry about them. It's only been a few days for goodness sake so you are bound to still be in shock. Once the funeral is over it will be easier to accept it and start the grieving process. The first stage of this is denial which is what you are going through now.

Just concentrate on getting through the service for now and don't worry about the future as this is enough to get to grips with. x

Yes, denial is part of the grieving stage. Closure is important to get and attending the funeral will probably give you that. This happened with me when my grandma died. I hadn't seen her in person in about 9 months and I got the news while I was in Canada. Her funeral was 3 weeks later and during that time I kept telling myself she wasn't gone, she was where she always was, in her room at the nursing home. Going to the funeral definitely helped me with that. Though, I still look for her sometimes when I'm back there, just out of habit I guess. It's been 5 years. You are in my thoughts and prayers. <3

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