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Chronic Anxiety and Depression- help


Hey All Wanted to see if others are going through the same thing . I am 40 year old healthy male for the most part. Dont drink or do drugs

I have alot of physical things that are happening to me because of this. FYI I have Brain and Spine MRI scans and all are clear and every blood test out there came out clear. Seem Rhumotolgist , ENT, Neurologist and all clear.

Short story symptoms

Cant sleep with ambien longer 2-3 hours a night

Feel shaky like nervous internally. sometimes I can see it on my hands

Get confused and cant concentrate alot of the times

Yawn all the time

Dry skin and itchy scalp

lack of motivation

I tend to have muscle twitch random muscles when trying to fall asleep. Never get to sleep without ambien

no Appetite

bathroom problems

tingling around the head area and in different areas at times- HELP does this sound familiar . I am on topamax, Cymbalta 60 mg and Klonopine 1mg(take that 1 every other day that seems to help the most.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi makaioz7, it sounds like all the things I went through when anxiety first hit me. Unfortunately, I didn't believe the test results or the number of specialists I saw and

so I spent years wasting my life away. Eventually, I realized everyone was right, I wasn't

dying of some unknown disease as well as the doctors had not missed anything. Anxiety

just doesn't show up on tests meant for physical disorders. The fact that your Klonopin seems to work the best almost proves where these symptoms are coming from. The mind. Our minds are powerful. Once we believe what our minds are saying, it becomes

almost impossible to not get physical symptoms as a result of fear and overwhelming adrenaline rushes.

I'm glad you found this amazing site. As you get to meet all of us, you will realize that you are not alone in what you are experiencing. You will learn from others how they deal with

the anxiety issues. We learn from each other as well as support and understand. Glad you are here. We'll take this journey together. We care. :) x

makaioz7 in reply to Agora1

How do I get over this? I have never had this in my entire life. I always used to smile and be a happy person. then I had some bad luck and some stressful times in my life a few months back and I cant seem to rebound from it. Its completely ruined my life. I hate to say this as a man but I havent cried this much ever in my life. I just cant believe that anxiety can do this to someone. Ive always been a pretty calm guy. Thanks for listening

bonkers65 in reply to makaioz7

Hang in there. It will get better.

Agora1 in reply to makaioz7

makaioz7, we are hear to listen to you any time, you are never alone. I know how unsettling this can be for man or woman. Anxiety does not discriminate. We fall prey to it's controlling ways when we are most vulnerable due to other life situations. It doesn't have to be a forever sentence of fear. You've taken the first step in finding out

that it is anxiety and you are being treated for it. Along with medication, it is very helpful to have talk therapy which will allow you to address the issues that caused all this chaos in your life. When life throws us stressful events, it's not as easy to just sweep it under the carpet. It is best to discuss it with a professional who will guide you back on the right path to recovery.

Keep coming back to the forum. It is your safe place to come to where you are never

judged but always supported and understood by others who are going through the same thing. Believe in that you will smile again and be that happy person one day soon. One day at a time :) x

I am 43 year old male 11 years symptoms free,so that will give you hope living a normal life.i am year and half into or my aniextys came out of remission noropthy shaking with my fiancee things happening no explanation insecure unconfident frighten faith in medication but now caming to understand this round I have to.keep faith keep remembering who you really rose and sun shine it's nightmare hard there will be good days and horrible days but from Rocky balboa get up rock and fight this bum.cause your family friends love you.

Hi Makaioz7

I understand how mind-boggling it could be to attempt to find out what’s going on with your body and get no diagnosis or results for your questions or symptoms.

Sounds like symptoms of MS. I say that because it took 2 years for the neurologist to diagnose me with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015 when I had my second relapse.( my symptoms started in 2013)

I trust that you will continue to inquire about your bodily functions. don’t give up and keep the faith even when it seems like the world has given up on you.

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