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day 2 of my struggle to talk about my issues.

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Thanks for the few who replied I dont have many people I'm close to who will sit there and comfort me, or even just let me talk. I appreciate the ones who replied to me, I'm taking 1 lorazapam every 6 hours sometimes 8-10 depending on how long I feel I can deal with the anxiety, I don't want to be stuck on anti anxiety meds my whole life, I will be utilizing my gym membership starting tonight before bedtime.

does anyone know some good excersies to do at a gym to wear my brain and body down so that I can "float" through these symptoms?

anxiety is causing Bowel issues, and it's really hard for me to eat anything my body doesn't want it.

sitting on my PC playing my favorite video games is helping a lot. But I can't lock myself behind my closed door at home forever.

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Everyones here to help.

I use my and this site to help me.todays really rough for me ..that's why Ive been posting..Reading others posts will help ya see ur in the right place.

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thank you, I also find myself reading other people's posts. and the replies to them.

You only have to do it "FOR NOW", not forever.

The GI problems were a kicker for me and still are. That is part of the cycle.

Music from my best "years" helps me float, as does any youtube video where someone is talking to me and telling me, it's going to be ok.

If video games calm you down then you KNOW that distraction works.

Trust your instincts to pull yourself through the "float".

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thank's I start work this Thursday I just hope I can focus on work and stay focused. I will try listening in on peoples video's like it's helped you out. maybe it will help me aswell.

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Find one or two videos that work for you TODAY. Listen all day today and tonight while you are in your comfortable place so that on Thursday morning, when you put the video on, you will immediately calm down. IT's a mind game, and our minds are strong. I like David Goggins and Barry McDonough.

Choose to be fine tomorrow.

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IndigoJoe what do you do for your GI problems? surely just not eating is ok? Im 5'10 at 155lbs and I feel thin, I'm by no means weak.. but I do feel myself getting weaker over time, things become harder for me to do... I can't eat how I used to :(

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Truth be told, from my experience, the "weak" is partly part of the anxiety.

The body is strong and knows what to do. If you stay hydrated and off of monster drinks etc, you will physically be able to do what you need to do.

I could not eat out, ever, without knowing that I could get home fast know that drill, and the "kicker" for me was that I would be 100% fine, get stuck in a traffic jam on a highway ( that I was not expecting ) and [ lord have mercy], I my gut would go into hyperdrive in a nano second and I would panic and the cycle would start.

My observation is that, The Blood Type diet calms the GI track, anxiety or not and if you eat the BENEFICIAL food's only and do not touch the non beneficial ones, you might get good results.

This is a one step at a time gig for us with the GI/anxiety circle.

Diet is everything for us on many levels.

Find what is beneficial for you, stick with that, keep hydrated, and your body will keep you strong.

Relax Knowone, it's a passage.

WE all have a journey. Make one good choice at a time.

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