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I’m going to be homeless

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Hello everyone . I’m just going to start off by saying that I haven’t had a job since October , so I haven’t had my own source of income since then. My sister has a stable job so she helps me out 100% since I don’t have money. I’m too depressed to get a job again. I’d rather be homeless. After my lease is up in August, I’m having to leave my place and stay with my mom but she says I have to work too. Yet again, I refuse to work at a job. I’ve passed out multiple times while working just from anxiety. And I would never go sometimes from depression. Advice please ?😕

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The best advice I can give you is don’t give up. I know it may seem impossible for things to get better right now but its only impossible if you continue to believe that. Someone I’ve met recently has helped me see the word impossible in a different way. We should see it as I-M-POSSIBLE. I’m sorry you feel this way and if I could take it away for you I would. I want you to know that I believe in you and I think you are very capable of turning things around in your life.💕😁👍🏽

Have you had any treatment for the anxiety and depression?

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No I’m working on getting insurance so I’m able to see a therapist because I’m struggling 😥

Occupation is excellent therapy to help people recover from both anxiety and depression. It give people other things to think about, too much time spent in introspection is counter productive.

I have never heard of anybody "passing out" from anxiety: is this a doctor's diagnosis? Could it be due to some other medical condition such as low blood pressure?

Occupation is the environment of normality and so helps towards recovery. Then use Weekes' four imperatives: Face your anxiety (and the depression that comes out of anxiety), Accept all your symptoms (for the time being), Float forward as if on automatic pilot and finally Let time pass.

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JAYnLA in reply to Jeff1943

I've also heard other people talk about passing out from anxiety. I have felt like it was GOING to happen (like, 30 minutes ago in the barber's chair), but I never do actually pass out. It's a bit of a fear of mine so I'd like to know the truth about it.

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Yeah I get overwhelmed and have anxiety attacks so bad to the point to where I black out in certain situations . I wake back up seconds after but it’s still scary

Being actually homeless is a choice you can certainly make and if you choose it, maybe there's something in it for you to learn. No judgment here. I do think you have other choices, but it may not feel like it at the moment.

Government has programs, housing, food, monthly monies and health insurance. Google your government agencies. That is one of the reasons why we pay our taxes. We help one another.

If you are in the US, I might be able to help. I went through almost exactly what you're describing right down to being homeless for 8 months. I learned to access the government programs although they were slow and not near as helpful as they should have been. I can tell you how I felt about passing out and how I finally stopped it. Contrary to what some might suggest here the stuff I did actually worked. I don't pass out anymore and I have recovered about 2/3rds of my physical health & 60% of my mental health. In time, I will reach the 80% level and be able to function 'normally' enough for regular interaction in society. I have plenty of commonsense suggestions I can make. I will leave you a pm message where we can talk further about this if you wish. If you need help accessing the message let me know here. Okay? I wish you better health and times bnee....

Imagine that you are alone, without mother and sister. What you do in that case? You should recover as soon as possible in order to work and pay your treatments. If you need to take pills then take pills, do whatever just to recover and go to work, without work you cannot live, homeless is the worst scenario.

Get on meds to get stable, then read up on anxiety. Get out of your head and volunteer serving food in a shelter or such and focus outward on others. The people there wont judge u. Volunteering does wonders for the mind. Do a puzzle and get out if your head. But do something; u have to take the reins. U can do it. Good luck.

Get an online work from home job. What is your specialty?

Hi bnee110, I'm sorry to hear you are depressed and would rather be homeless rather than work. I can't say I understand your situation, but somehow being homeless doesn't seem to be the best approach, in my opinion. Fortunately you have your sister and your mom who have helped you. You still have a few months with your sister, have you considered seeking counseling for your anxiety? There are government/social programs available. Sometimes a great place for help in that area are churches. Will you consider contacting a local church, talking to a pastor and seek help from the church as well as ask for other help from social agencies? I think if your sister and mom see that you are seeking help, they may allow you to first heal before you attempt to work. Is this a possibility for you? Blessings

Try for ssi ?

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