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Early Halloween Party Test


I took my boys to a celebration at their school. Normally I would be in panic mode from the start till the end. It was a good chance to test out my new ignoring anxiety skills. Lots of people, very loud, for hours. I actually had a good time watching them and when anxiety came over me or if I started feeling disturbed from my unusual scary thoughts, I was like Nah I don’t think so!!!!!! and the anxiety would leave right away. I feel so free. Oh, and I drove in the dark with rain and lived to tell. So I’m pretty happy about all of this. Finally thank God.

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That's so great to hear!!

Starrlight in reply to Eowyn7

Thanks Eowyn! ❤️

I am happy to hear this for you....little wins, little steps...all add up.... good for you and thank you very much for the photo...hilarious and cute ....lovely...thank you for sharing.

Ooooh Faux thanks so much I am glad you can appriciate the goat twins! Hope you are well my friend. ❤️

very cute...

WOW!!! What a big break through! Now you know you can do it. Maybe not all the time, or even most of the time, but, WOW!

Love the boys! How old are they?

Happy Halloween. This is one for the record books!!

Awww NCAQuilter, thank you so 😊!!! My boys are 6 and 10. ❤️ take care beautiful

Thank you love!

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