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I'm new...and struggling


So I recently moved to a new position on night shift and my mental health has taken a turn for the worse. I'm trying to hang in there until my psychiatrist appointment in about a month, but it's so hard...my thoughts so scary. I see my counselor in a week and I'm scared I'll be Baker acted. I figured I'd reach out here cuz I have a hard time in real life

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I was only able to work night shift for a very short period of time. It increased my anxiety and depression a lot. I was having mood swings and having a difficult time sleeping during the day. I know a lot of bosses/co-workers can be dismissive by saying how it is ‘just an adjustment’ but would your boss be receptive to you requesting to have your shift back to your previous schedule?

If not, you could try going to an urgent care for non-narcotic medications to help you sleep during the day. That was the hardest part for me and did help reduce my instability.

I hear you. It’s hard. It may not seem like it right now but it will get better. Keep working on your self-care & breathe. You are worth it! ❤️

Thanks, I already take sleep meds so thankfully I can sleep. I did ask for my old position back and they will give it to me once they find someone new...my new boss wasn't happy bout ( i literally was teary eyed in the meeting) I so it might be awhile till I can transfer back. I really hope it's not cuz my anxiety has just been getting worse. They don't understand at all and I felt were quite rude during meeting. But at least they agreed at the end

I am sorry you didn’t get a response that validated your concerns & emotions. It is difficult working for people who don’t seem to understand.

I hope that this transfer happens for you sooner than later!


I hope your meet goes well! I'm glad to hear that you can get your old position back. For the moment, hang on!

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