I'm new here... Greetings!

My name is Joey, I'm 38 years old and I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for almost a year now. July 28th 2016 was the day it really hit me hard. But I know I've been dealing with it my whole life. Hoping to talk to other people who share in the same feelings. It's hard, but I'm also learning it's a part of my life. Glad I found this place!

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  • In the same boat as you joey.. depression and anxiety is one of the toughest things I've ever been through.

  • I feel you Nicole. Yes indeed. I've had my ups and downs and now I'm in a bit of a slump. I have practiced meditation in the past and it did help to just be more present - and to help quiet my inner-voice. I'm back to practicing that, as well as trying to eat a better diet. It's hard to find the motivation, but I realized no one can do it for me, except for me. So here it goes!

  • Hi Joey, I'm 54 and just started dealing with my anxiety issues. So glad you are here. These people are so wonderful. We are here for each other!

  • It's helped me realize that there are many others out there. Feeling immature in some ways and I am in my sixties. We cannot change the past- but we can change the way we look at things.

  • That's the biggest lesson I've learned so far that has lessened my anxiety attacks = Changing the way I think, changes the way I feel, which changes the way I react to the Stimuli around me. I control MY world. That World begins... IN MY HEAD. :)

  • Glad to hear it helps.

  • Thank you for reaching out Shaquandita! I'm glad to hear this is a great place. I plan on checking in here often. When it really hit me bad a year ago, I think I learned who I really am in the following few months after that. Now that I am feeling it again, I'm reminding myself that this is who I am now, and then I go through my coping methods. It's hard, but I do think it's something I can live with, as long as I don't fight it. I've learned to accept it and then cope.

  • I am glad that is working for you.

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