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Angry all the time...

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I feel so angry all the time. Everything upset me so easily now and I know it’s cause I’m not liking my main job right now, I have to work 3 jobs, I don’t have many close friends near me and it’s impossible to make plans cause when I try everyone cancels on me. I’m really feeling anxious and depressed. I kinda want a therapist but at the same time I don’t know how they’d be able to help cause really I just need some close good friends here and enough financial stability to work one job. I know it won’t always be like this but there are bad days like today when I’m really feeling like my main job is pointless and it upsets everything else going around me.

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Are you getting enough rest? What triggers your angry during the day? I commend you for keeping at your jobs, and trying to find support. It’s hard to find people to listen/be there, but maybe try journaling? It sounds lame, but it can help to get your thoughts out of your head, and it’s just you and no judgement. Creating something too helps. When things start feeling bad, question those feelings. Why am I feeling this? What can I do about it?

I know how you feel. Things can feel not great, and anything we do just feels like extra stuff. A bandaid to put over things. But look at you! You’re working so hard. Three jobs? Some people can’t even handle one (nothing wrong with that either.) Remember that you are making an effort, and you want things to be better, but life can be really hard. And sometimes we just need to remember all the good things we do to make it work.

This sounds also silly, but is there a Dollar Tree or Walmart near you? Retail therapy might not be in your budget, but what if you bought something small? A candle/coloring book (not just for kids!), a new book, a piece of fruit... remember that you matter too, and deserve the little things.

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I get enough sleep but I still feel exhausted. I have tried journaling and sometimes it works and sometimes it just makes me more upset. I like to paint but I never have time to do it. I have been taking some of what I’ve been feeling and writing them into fictional settings and that helps. And the dollar tree is a good idea, I keep forgetting that exists. The weird thing too is when I’m in a bad mood I want fresh, healthy foods cause if I eat the fried/sugary comfort foods I’ll just feel worse about myself cause then that adds the other thought “oh and now I’m fat”. I just want to go on vacation and never come back

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This is an amazing response! Thank you so very much for sharing these words with us! Thank you!

I'm so sorry that you are feeling this way. The anger could definitely be part of depression. Seeing a therapist would be very helpful though... they can work with you to address the anger, identify what triggers it, and learn how to manage it. Also the support of a therapist is very useful. Just remember that nothing stays the same forever so I'm hoping that changes will happen for you soon.

I know a therapist probably would help, even though a part of me thinks they wouldn’t cause I think I know what I need to feel better. And it’s just not as feasible as it sounds for me

Some very helpful books are by Dr. Eric Burne M.D. and Dr. Thomas A. Harris M. D. They are all available in all libraries across the U. S.

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