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Prozac and the stories


If you have had success with Fluoxetine (Prozac) then I am happy for you.... Good luck trying to come off of it.. it --can--be THEEEE most difficult of all the SSRIs to come off of... Having very trying constant bouts of depression and anxiety agreed to try Prozac again...3rd time... After 6 days I thought I was losing my mind. So Doc says 'quit' and I did you would think that wouldn't be difficult, right?

Beginning on Day 2 of 'off'' I have never EVER felt so horrid, panicky, physically sick, angry, down....all the moods...have had to rely on more Ativan (only took .5 at bedtime) and I don't like THAT, either. I thought hemp oil was too cost prohibitive so opted for the insurance pd Prozac. Horrible, terrible mistake.... So...if you are ever given a 'choice as to your anti depressives or anxiety pills...please think twice... Then again, maybe you'll luck out and not have any problems....NOW I understand the horror stories people have written about....

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I took prozac for many years, never had a problem with them, they've been of great benefit to me during recovery, they do take a good few weeks to kick in though I remember xxx

Betty30 in reply to suzie482

I'm glad for you, Suzie!

Hello Betty30. Your symptoms sounded like mine when I was on Paxil. It was a nightmare to get off of. So many people compared it to getting off of drugs. It was the worst I have ever felt. But I started and stopped fluoxetine and it wasn’t nearly as bad. I think it really depends on the person.

Either way, I’m sorry it made you feel this way. Hope you feel better soon. ❤️

I was on it for years back in the early 2000’s. Worked ok but I was completely unable to have an orgasm. Yea. So that didn’t work. Then, I went on it again after being off it for some time and almost killed myself. It made me feel worse. My dr just recently wanted me to take Zoloft and I was like....OH HELL NO that is too close to Prozac! I am on Wellbutrin, Lamictal and Rexulti now. It’s the Rexulti that made allll the difference. It’s like $1,200 a month tho so thank God my insurance covers it

Hi Betty, every ones body is different most of us needs medication, I'm at the point that I will try anything to get better, one of my sister in law have been taking Paxil for and she told me that she will never stop until she die, some people are quick to say be careful with that medication, but again some people can do without and be fine without medication, JUST SAYING

I’ve never heard such a reaction to stopping Prozac but obviously anything is possible. I’m sorry you had such a reaction. Did you ever think that you might feel as awe full as you just have without it? Best I can recommend is getting blood work done to see if you have another health issue. Meds, like someone else said are both an art an science. I this Prozac May have saved my life for over 20 years. Before you scare others off medications I think it very important to get blood work done. I hope you feel better

Betty30 in reply to talkies

The last thing I want to do is 'scare' anybody, truly, talkies. I think most of our posts, all told, show 'both sides' of ANY drug, and that definitely includes Prozac... anyway...I am off of it and glad. Whatever works for people is great. Am now on something that is working but not Rx... Good luck with everything, talkies, and best wishes.

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