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Suddenly my anxiety & panic attacks have become unbearable,& I’m seeking support from others suffering panic disorder


My name is KeriAnn & I’ve had panic attacks since age 12. Until recently, they were manageable. I used to have a panic attack every now and again, & they would pass quickly. About 3 weeks ago, I started having multiple attacks a day, accompanied by chest pain, hot flushed face and chest, & constant fear of having another one, which never happened with my previous panic attacks. I’ve sought out doctors help to no avail. I’m struggling to get through each day and my children can see that mommy is not doing well. I was hoping that meeting others with panic disorder/attacks could help me out.

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Any life changes in the past three weeks that may have caused added stress to your life?

KeriAnn in reply to Hidden

No life changes that I can think of...which is what makes this whole thing so bizarre and scary to me. It’s honestly like I woke up one day & my anxiety disorder was a thousand times worse!?🤷🏼‍♀️ Even the effects of the panic attacks were far worse than I had ever experienced- with chest pain & hyperventilation newly joining in. I had an EKG done with nothing found. My doctor put me on Lexapro which seemed to help but I stopped taking it when my pharmacist advised me that it could be dangerous mixed with another medication I’m on(methadone for past drug addiction). I feel hopeless 😢

Tcbabe in reply to KeriAnn

Glad you found out about the bad mix of drugs, seem like the doctor who

Prescribed them would have known better.

Seems like that’s how anxiety works or the imbalance I like to call it.

Where you crazy thoughts are over

Riding your calm and rational.

Hiya KeriAnn! I'm also a survivor of past alcoholism and drug addiction that killed my life for 25 years!! I've noticed that I'm having severe anxiety since quitting my addictions. I'm constantly in fear, anxiety shooting thru the roof and I'm unsure of EVERYTHING! I question things I do. I'm a mess really. Almost more than Before. How messed up is that??? I'm agorophobic most everyday! I stay locked up in my apt and never go out unless I have to! I'm just wondering if your panic is related to quitting drugs??? I'm just wondering. I take cbd oil without thc. It kind of helps make me feel calm but its so bad that its still there. Hope you can find answers soon!!!😊✌

When you went to the doctor, was it your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist? How long have you been on the methadone? I wonder if it could be the methadone. I don't know anything about that drug but I wonder what the side effects are. Also, is there anything new you have been eating or drinking? Sometimes a food additive could cause problems, especially when you have a history of experiencing panic attacks. I had a friend whose father-in-law was bipolar. He started experiencing problems and everyone thought he had stopped taking his meds. He kept insisting he was taking his meds, even when he was hospitalized. It was finally discovered he had been drinking soda in which a new artificial sweetener had been added. He stopped drinking the soda and was fine again and he was telling the truth - he had been taking his meds but the new artificial sweetener was counter acting his meds and therefore causing him to act out of control.

Welcome 🙏🕊✌🏼🙂

Agree re additives! I know several, including my son, who experience far less symptoms when 'eating clean'. Pepsi was a major issue for him, but also all the pre-packaged foods in general. Once I got him off all the toxins and chemicals in the food and back to eating just plain old down home cooking (from scratch)-most of his symptoms disappeared! A friend of mine has a son who began experiencing similar 'out of control' issues, and eliminated everything then started reintroducing things. Turns out it was the red dye which lurks in many products :O I'd say try 'clean eating'. There are a number of excellent videos on YouTube! I personally like the Forks Over Knives series! HUGS. Hope this helps!

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